Mistaken Happen While Doing Planks

Planks are the greatest way to strengthen your core muscles. Its gives your body a total workout and even tightens that tummy of yours. When doing the plank, you need to do it with the right balance keeping your palms and toes in a straight line on the ground.

  1. Not keeping your back straight-Being a core exercise, it is very important to straighten your back when doing this exercise. Not doing so will damage or cause strain to your back and neck, instead of doing any good to your spine.
  2. Lifting your butt in the air when you lift your butt in the air when doing planks you are actually ruining your chances of losing weight in your butt area. By lifting your butt in the air, you reduce the workout for your butt. Why make things easier? Go for the challenge by keeping your butt in the same level as the rest of your body.
  3. Allowing your hips to drop-Lowering your butt puts unnecessary pressure on your lower back. Get the maximum out of your workout by keeping your butt in the same level as your head and the rest of your body.
  4. Tilting hips-We all tend to do this. We slant our weight to one side, the side which we are more inclined to hold the weight of the rest of the body. For your body to benefit from planks, you need to distribute the weight of your body evenly and not put pressure on your lower back or neck.
  5. Dropping or lifting your head-Dropping or lifting your head causes your neck and back to strain. So avoid doing it and instead keep your head straight and look ahead so that your neck and back are relieved of any pressure.
  6. You forget to tighten your abs and butt-We all tend to forget that planks are a great workout for our butt and abs. So when you actually do the exercise do not forget to tighten your butt and abdominal muscles to get them toned and in shape.
  7. You bend your knees-This is another mistake that most people make. Do not bend your knees as it takes away the benefits that your butt is enjoying from planks. So instead keep your spine straight, straighten those legs and pull your knee back to your thighs.
  8. You keep your hands too wide apart or closer-Your hands should be in line with your shoulders. If your hands are placed in the wrong position, it can cause your hands to ache as it is holding the entire body weight.

Now get going to do those planks keeping in mind what you shouldn’t do while you’re at it.