We know how hard it is to even think about where to start mending your eating habits. Fret not! We are here to help you out. When it comes to food starting with gigantic resolutions doesn’t help. When we lose our conviction our consistency goes out the window.  An abrupt change in any habit is very difficult to keep up and can be depressing and ultimately cause you to overeat. This two-minute read will give you sliced and diced, easy-to-digest healthy eating New Year resolution which will not cost your peace of mind and delicious food.  It will keep you motivated throughout the year.

1. Don’t Skip Your Meals

Don’t Skip Your Meals

Let’s start with the easy one at any cost.  Work can wait. People can wait. But don’t let your digestive juices wait. Eat your breakfast on time.  Break the meals into two if you want. But keep up with the regular timing.

2. Cut the Sugar Off

Who is your foremost enemy?  Not your boss, not your colleague, not your siblings. Sugar is the only enemy in disguise of delicious food waiting to make your body acidic which will not only lead to weight gain but also many illnesses.

3. Chop the Veggies

Chop the Veggies

To add them to your salad! Your healthy eating New Year resolution is incomplete without vegetables. Three cups of your favorite vegetables will fix many things. Don’t aim to eat while prepping the veg.  Store each serving in separate bags. This way you won’t feel that you are putting so much effort just to eat vegetables. Later when you feel its veggie time you can take it out and have fresh herbs.

4. Gulp the Fruits

Gulp the Fruits

There are a wide variety of fruits starting with) kiwi, berries, banana, guava, citrus types and much more.  Don’t waste your time by making juices or salads. Fruits are good to be taken as such after washing under tap water of course.  However, make sure that you have only five servings combined with veg. 

5. No Regular Order Out

Do you know this will save a lot of money? Also, there is nothing like getting fresh produce and groceries from the market and preparing simple healthy dishes for yourself.  You will be proud of yourself. 

6. Trade Carbonated and Caffeinated Drinks for Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

Gradually start by replacing soda, coffee with herbal teas.  They are available in different flavors including hibiscus, ginger, lemon, etc which will make your healthy eating New Year resolution flavorsome.

7. Read the Labels

Even if we read the labels carefully, sometimes it is difficult to decipher without a nutritional background.  Avoid the following ingredients as they are very harmful to your body.

  1.  Hydrogenated oil aka trans fat aka fractionated oil
  2.  Sodium nitrate (preservative)
  3.  Aspartame(an artificial sweetener made of chemicals)
  4.  Xanthan gum (Thickening agent)
  5.  Phosphoric acid (added to carbonated drinks as a preservative and for tangy flavor)

Andddddd.  That’s all!

As promised not so complex and easy fo-swa-llow healthy eating resolution for you to keep your body fit and strong throughout the year!  Now go on and have some pastries with iced tea before the New Year knocking on your door already!