It is the tiniest of things that can make the biggest difference in someone’s life. Who knew that this tiny thing, chia, can make the biggest difference in life when added to your diet!! Get to know how “chia seeds for weight loss” works.


Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

Remember this iconic TV commercial catchphrase? It is that same chia seeds that are gonna support the phrase “chia seeds for weight loss”. Chia seeds are tiny, tasteless seeds of Mexican origin. These seeds absorb up to 12 times their weight in water when soaked and form a mucilaginous coating. This coating is responsible for the distinctive gel texture in chia-based foods and beverages.

Chia Seeds- a Powerhouse of Nutrients

Chia Seeds- a Powerhouse of Nutrients

Now that you have seen how chia seeds function, it is also important to know its edibility and nutrition quotient. The seeds can be consumed in its natural form by soaking it in water. It demands no special treatment to unleash its super nutrient power. Chia seeds can be added to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal and anything of your choice. Chia seeds possess enormous nutrients that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Some of the major nutrients include:

Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

Chia Seeds

People of this generation are so obsessed with the word “weight loss”. There are no miracle weight loss supplements. One should wake up, dress up and never give up on a healthy diet and exercise to lose weight. Exercise and diet are the key factors to lose weight and also for a healthy life. 

Chia seeds on their own cannot aid weight loss but they can control your appetite. When you add chia seeds to your diet, it suppresses your appetite and makes you feel more filling. Though there is little evidence to prove chia seeds for weight loss, it can help you lead a healthy life with its nutrient-rich profile. 

Research studies on rats show favorable changes in blood lipids and the reduction of visceral fat when they are fed with chia seeds. Chia seeds can also lower blood pressure and C-reactive protein level. Let’s sprinkle some chia seeds and sparkle the weight loss diet!!

Word of Caution

  1. We are not sure if you have ever stumbled upon your doppelganger? But these tiny chia seeds have already found its doppelganger. Yes, basil seeds and chia seeds look similar when you overlook. Look for the right chia seeds although both are nutritious in their own way.
  2. People who take medications for blood pressure should consult their physician before embarking on chia seeds for weight loss as it can interact with your medicines. 
  3. Do not fret that chia seeds cannot help you lose weight on their own. Start eating chia seeds for a healthy mind and body. After all, scales don’t define you !!