7 Things which Raise your Blood Sugar

People who have blood sugar are stuck with it for life. They constantly have to keep worrying about the rise or fall of their blood sugar levels.

Blood sugars spike and can cause serious complication to our physical health and wellbeing. Sometimes our blood sugars spike for reasons that are not known to us.

Let us discuss how our blood sugar can rise unexpectedly due to factors that are not usual blood sugar level spikers:

  • Stress

Stress due to any reason is sure to increase your blood sugar levels. Any stress caused to the body will only result in your sugar levels increasing.

  • Skipping breakfast

The fact till date remains that those who consume a hearty breakfast, rich in protein and fiber have the blood sugar levels in their body stabilized throughout the day as compared to those who skipped meals and had a sudden spike when they skipped over directly to lunch.

  • Artificial sweeteners

We all thought that artificial sweeteners will not have the same effect as sugar. But research has proved that artificial sweeteners are responsible for the ruining the gut in your digestive system that is responsible to process glucose. So don’t be surprised if you still suffer from high sugar levels even after switching over to artificial sweeteners.

  • Fatty meals

Initially everyone was of the impression that it was carbohydrates that spiked blood sugar levels. But recent research has shown that when fat was in the system, it took longer for the body to process the sugar that the body consumed.

So consuming sugar after or along with a fatty meal is a reason to bear with high sugar levels.

  • Coffee

There is no hard and fast rule in regard to coffee. The sugar levels differ from person to person. For some people even after drinking black coffee without milk and sugar, their blood sugar levels rise. I guess this must be due to the sensitivity of certain bodies when they encounter caffeine.

  • Smoking

Smoking as we all know is bad for the body and it can make stability of sugar absorbed by the body go for a toss thereby worsening the condition.

  • Lack of sleep

Again when we are lacking sleep, our body is stressed out due to which our body’s cell become less resistant to insulin due to which we suffer from higher blood sugar levels in the body.

  • Infections

When the body is faced with infections, the immune system is down and the body is stressed out and out of its usual form. So when your body is sick and its defenses are down, the liver produces more glucose for the extra energy; and on the other hand, stress hormones are released to make the body’s cells more insulin resistant.

So when you’re sick expect your body to produce extra glucose and have no way to quickly get absorbed.

  • Certain medicines

A person can be suffering from different ailments including blood pressure, cholesterol and even other heart related issues. Sometimes the drugs that are prescribed for these ailments can spike sugar levels.

So don’t neglect your blood sugar at any cost and also keep your eyes open and figure out under what circumstances your blood sugar levels rise.