It’s rather a controversial theory and, in fact, there is a thin line between coconut oil helping you lose weight and the same aiding weight gain. Coconut oil is undoubtedly one of the healthiest good fats your body can get. Compared to any other MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), this tropical oil is loaded with nutrients and remains highly beneficial in everything from gorgeous skin to shiny hair (Learn how to use coconut oil for skincare). But, let’s explore the reasons that make it a must-have in weight loss diets. 

Does Coconut Oil Promote Weight Loss

Benefits of Coconut Oil in Weight Loss

1. Hunger Suppressant

Coconut oil has the ability to make you feel full by decreasing hunger. You tend to eat less and ultimately lose weight.

2. Metabolism Booster

When the overall functioning of the body is efficient, there is little chance of fat accumulation in the arteries. This ensures your heart health is taken care of.

3. Enhances Digestion

 Coconut Oil in Weight Loss

The soothing properties of coconut oil relax the digestive tract to help absorb the food and nutrients better. Inflammation and other digestive microbial infections is taken care by the lauric acid present in the oil.

4. Burns Belly Fat

Research says that unrefined virgin coconut oil is an effective remedy for belly fat. But, also remember that it is advisable to consume only minimal amounts of this oil in order to shed cholesterol. If consumed in excess, it may have adverse reactions making your fat level shoot up.

Why Unrefined Coconut Oil Is Better Than Refined Ones?

Factory-refined coconut oil loses most of its nutrients and MCTs, making it a mere oil with almost zero benefits. The process it undergoes removes most of the good cholesterol which is the basic need for weight loss.

5. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Coconut oil is a great remedy for patients with type-2 diabetes restricting glucose build up in the blood. The oil eases the pancreas by controlling insulin resistance. This will ultimately result in reduced body fat.

How to Consume Coconut Oil?

How to Consume Coconut Oil

Being highly rich in saturated fats, coconut oil can be used for frying, in salads, smoothies, etc. You can use it as a delicious substitute for vegetable or sunflower oil. In case you are not a fan of the strong aroma, you can also add a teaspoon of it in your rice or gravy after cooking. 

But, make sure the amount of oil you consume doesn’t exceed 1-2 tablespoons per day for a prescribed period of time above which may result in cholesterol and increased body fat.

Coconut is considered a superfood and holds a ton of health benefits. Today, everything from hair creams to face packs is promoted in coconut flavors. But, in reality, oral consumption is the best way to achieve the goodness of this palm-family drupe. And talking about weight loss, coconut oil is the best plant extract with great flavor, aroma, and taste. But, always remember that excess of anything is never a good idea, especially when it comes to coconut oil.