Life with braces isn’t as simple as you think. It is definitely a strange feeling when something foreign stays with you for days and even years sometimes. So is it simply because of orofacial issues such as crowding or crookedness that a person is recommended to wear them? No, there are, in fact, more reasons including jaw disorders or TMJ (Termporomandibular joint) problems that make a dentist suggest you with braces. While it is no big deal these days with improved technology and innovations in the field of orthodontics, it is also essential that proper oral care is taken during the period. Neglecting hygienic practices might lead to several gum infections and tooth decay. Here are three must-dos that will help you keep your teeth clean and plaque free.

1. Floss before your brush

Floss before your brush
Floss before your brush

Flossing is the first thumb rule and can be done once a day. Of course, it does take extra time to floss when you have braces on. But, trust me; this routine is sure going to reward you with clean white teeth. Plaque that is deposited after each meal tends to get accumulated in nooks of the metal and hence a floss threader comes handy to remove the remains stuck to your teeth.

remove the remains stuck to your teeth

For those who are not very comfortable about using the floss threader can move to an improvised interdental brush with soft bristles. This is much easier than the former method and does the same functionality.

2. Use an ortho toothbrush

Now that you have done your best to get rid of the deposits, brushing comes next in the routine. The real result is guaranteed when you replace regular toothbrushes with an ortho brush. Its bristles are designed in such a way as to get through the metals, cleansing away the impurities. Regular toothpaste or the one suggested by your dentist is more than enough.

Use an ortho toothbrush
Use an ortho toothbrush

Btw, it is important that you brush after every meal or to the least twice a day. This will help eliminate tooth decay.

3. Rinse with a mouthwash

Rinse with a mouthwash
Rinse with a mouthwash

Last and definitely not the least, rinsing with a mouthwash can do wonders. Right from maintaining good breath to cleaning away the impurities, using mouthwash twice a day is the sure shot secret to perfect oral care.

We bet the days after removing your braces is going to be a bliss-filled one when these routines are followed on a daily basis. After all, it is that lovely smiled you did all this for.

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