As the culture changes with technology, children’s lives today are much different. Today kids love smartphones more than toys, and it has become an inseparable part of their lives. Studies say even babies below the age of 2 use smartphones! But why are children vulnerable to smartphones? Is excessive use of mobile phones a threat to children? The answer is a big yes! If your children spend hours using smartphones. Then this blog is for you. Read on to know how to break your child’s screen addiction. 

Harmful Effects of Smartphones on Children 

Are you a person who thinks ’why do parents take away phones from children? Before jumping into how to get kids off screens, know the harmful effects of smartphones on children

Affects Brain Tissue– Smartphones emit Radio Frequency- Electromagnetic Radiation (RF-EMR) which is popularly called microwave radiation. According to a study, children’s brain tissue can absorb two times more microwave radiation than adults. Microwave radiation can even lead to cancer. 

Lower IQ– Overuse of mobile phones can lower children’s IQ and also impacts their mental growth. Studies say even spending two hours in front of a screen can negatively impact the brain. Premature thinning of the brain and thinning cortex (linked with lower IQ) are found from a million-dollar study. 

Mental Health–  Excessive use of smartphones can lead to severe mental health problems in children. They experience anxiety, irritability, and psychological distress. Researchers found attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorder which causes lying, defiance, and rule-breaking in children who use mobile phones for an average of 2.3 hours a day. 

Sleep Disruption– Electronic devices can lead to reduced sleeping time in children. A study found that kids who use mobile phones before their bedtime have reported poorer sleep quality. 

Poor sleep quality can lead to many health hazards including, stroke and diabetes. 

Medical Issues– Excessive screen time can cause more potential health issues than you can imagine. Children are stuck inside homes using mobile phones without involving in any physical activities, which can lead to harmful diseases like diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, eye problems, and even skin problems.   

How to Distract a Child from Mobile? 

If you lost the battle in taking control of your child’s mobile phone. Do follow these steps. 

Keep them Engaged– The best way to restrict kids addicted to phones is by keeping them engaged. Take them outside to parks or playgrounds and allow them to run. Enroll them in extracurricular activities of their choice. 

Do not use the Phone– This is not for your children, but you! Do not use your mobile phone in front of your child. If you do so, it’s like you’re encouraging your child. 

Restrict– Restrict the use of smartphones. Parents should be more conscious about allowing their children to use mobile phones. Talk to them about the demerits of mobile phones, though they are too small to understand. Teach them young, teach them right. 

Talk– Spend time with your children. Studies have shown that two-way communication improves language skills and reduces non-verbal communication. The vibrant colors and animations can negatively affect your child’s imagination skills. So ask them about their day at school. 

Set Passwords–  Last but not least, if you still can’t distract your child from using a smartphone even after following the above-mentioned tips, set passwords. It is as simple as that. 

Many parents spend time on their phones or are busy with their work schedules, which is one of the main reasons children engage in screen addiction. So make sure to spend time with your children.