Once you have booked your travel tickets, the to-do list of your vacation begins. The list could be on your computer as sticky notes, as a spreadsheet shared in your drive, or in a physical planner you bought, specifically for it. Wherever the list may be, it is important to have one and even more important to add a small guide for healthy travel in it.

Staying healthy is key to traveling. You cannot have a sick stomach and enjoy pizzas in Italy, nor can you enjoy the urban jungle in New York with a hangover. Here are a few tricks and tips for healthy traveling around the world.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking clean water is the most important tip to follow if you are thinking of how to stay fit while traveling. Always carry a water bottle and fill it up with clean drinking water when hitting the road. This helps prevent dehydration and constipation when traveling. 

If you are not a fan of drinking lots of water, try adding melon, cucumber slices, fresh veggies, and salads with plenty of greens in your meals when traveling. These naturally add hydration to your body. 

Opt for Veggies Instead of Meat

A common rule of thumb to follow when traveling is to eat healthy. This can be achieved by simply eating lots of fruits, salads, and veggies as your meals. Opting for vegetarian and vegan replacements for meats also helps. Eating this way will reduce your possibility of falling prey to stomach flu. 

This can be hard if your entire vacation is planned around tasting different cuisines. But there are more ways to eat healthy while traveling that do not involve following a veggie/fruit diet.

Making your own meals is one of them. If you are conscious of staying healthy and enjoy an uninterrupted vacation, try making your own meals. Pick stays that offer a pantry and kitchen. Some resorts and hotels offer local cuisine cooking lessons for leisure enjoyment.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Brunch is often the go-to option when traveling, but it is not advisable for vacations or travel that involve long periods of stay. Skipping breakfast creates unwanted ulcers and acidity. Consuming a nutrition-packed breakfast will help kick start your day even if you are tired from the previous day’s activities. Even better, a good breakfast can cure your hangover from the previous night’s partying! 

Therefore one of the primary ways to eat healthy while traveling is to always have a good, nutritious breakfast.

Walk and Cycle, Everywhere

One of the easiest ways to stay fit when traveling is to walk or cycle around your destination. It helps prevent indigestion, extra weight gain, and lets you explore tourist spots that miss the common eye. Adding a hiking activity or walking trail to your vacation list is a simple and effective way to ensure good health even if you are not eating healthy while traveling.

Shots, Sunscreen, and Vitamins

Apart from the above tricks and tips for staying healthy while traveling, here are a few random yet important actions to follow. Avoid bouts of pneumonia, malaria, dengue, and other tropical diseases by getting preventive vaccine shots. Some countries make it mandatory for their citizens to get these vaccinations when traveling. 

When traveling to beach destinations pack sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Even if it is a skiing trip, pack your sunscreen to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin.

Consult a doctor or nutritionist to find out which multivitamins to carry with you to help with dehydration, vitamin C depletion, iron deficiency, etc., during travel.