A small change in your lifestyle can create a big impact on your health. Decluttering is not only good for your house but even for your overall health. Unknowingly, many of us use things that are key sources of diseases. Read on to know what to throw for better health. 

  • Old Plastic Containers 

Ride your entire kitchen and check whether you have any plastic containers or water bottles with codes 3, 6, and 7. The code 3 means the plastic contains vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), 6 has polystyrene, and 7 has various plastics like Bisphenol A (BPA). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these toxins can get through the bloodstream and disturb the functions of hormones and estrogens. Old plastic items are one of the things  to throw away without any second thought. 

  • Toothbrush 

A toothbrush is a first and foremost thing that defends against bacteria, tooth decay, and bad breath. CDC advises replacing the toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or if it looks worn out. Nearly 42% of people don’t change their toothbrushes when they are supposed to. If you don’t change your toothbrush, there is a higher chance of getting several diseases. 

  • Antibacterial Soap 

The next item in our ‘things you can throw out’ list is Antibacterial soap. Washing hands with soap and water is better than washing with antibacterial soaps. Antibacterial soaps or antiseptic soaps are just a marketing hoax, it doesn’t even kill bacteria more than normal soaps. These soaps contain specific chemicals and many additives that are banned by the FDA. Triclosan, one of the preservatives and antibacterial agents has been linked to many health hazards. 

  • Air Fresheners 

It’s important to keep your home smelling good and fresh, but it’s not more important than your health. Yes, air fresheners can be good for your home but not for your health. Air freshener contains several chemicals, including cancer-causing and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. It can cause diseases like allergies, asthma attacks, early puberty and  breathing problems.

  • Cosmetic/ Skin Care Products 

Check the expiry date of all your makeup items including your skincare products. Chemicals in skin care products tend to break down over time and cosmetic products can trap bacteria. So throw the expired cosmetic/ skincare products even if they look good to use. Makeup products like expired mascara are home to germs. When you apply expired mascara to your lashes, you’re applying germs. Remember, the main function of lashes is to keep bacteria and germs away. 

So why are you waiting? Make sure to throw the following items from your home. It can be one small step but a giant leap for your overall health and well-being.