What are the contact lens risks you may encounter? How long should you wear them according to FDA standards? Can you avoid permanent vision damages by taking precautionary measures? Let’s find out.  

Contact Lens Risks

Is contact lens harmful? You can wear contact lenses for 14 to 16 hours a day as per FDA guidelines. Doctors suggest that people wearing lenses should remove them a few hours before going to bed to help their eyes breathe directly. Not allowing your eyes to be free can cause permanent vision damage and blindness in rare cases. People often opt for contact lenses to overcome disorientation and vision obstructions. 

The risk of contact lenses are the same regardless of difference in colour and brands. Brands measure the expiry date and wear and tear of the lens and the risks usually depend on usage. 

Contact Lenses Disadvantages

What are the dangers of wearing contact lenses? 

  • The cornea is not connected with blood vessels and they receive the necessary nutrition and oxygen directly from the atmosphere. Covering the eyes with contact lenses may inhibit these functions of the eyes causing severe damages. 
  • Corneal Ulcers are open sores on the iris and are commonly called keratitis.
  • Eye infection from contact lenses can occur when you use contact lenses without properly washing the lens and your hands.
  • Dry eyes are a common side effect of wearing contact lenses for prolonged durations and will need external medication.
  • Contact lenses can go missing inside your eyes. People who wear contact lenses can fall asleep forcing the lens to move inside. Though they can be extracted with the help of a professional you may need surgery in rare cases. 

Can Contact Lens Damage Eyes

Are contact lenses bad for you? Improper use of contact lenses can definitely cause eye damage. You should be aware of your changing vision needs and approach a professional as soon as you experience any major changes. Here are a few precautionary measures you can adopt to make better use of your contact lens. 

  • Always wear the contact lens prescribed by doctors.
  • Never wear them overnight. 
  • Avoid wearing it during showers, rainy seasons, and while swimming.
  • Avoid reusing lens solutions.
  • Never clean dirty contact lenses with saline solution.
  • Replace contact lenses before they expire or if they cause irritation.
  • Always rub the lenses to clean germs even if the manual says “No Need to Rub”.

Even though spectacles are a safer option, contact lenses eliminate several disadvantages like fogging, narrow vision, dark marks, aged look, discomfort etc. You can balance your vision problems by using specs and contact lens alternatively for maximum benefit. 

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