It seems like COVID-19 vaccination became a battle of the brands. But people are not buying it. The best thing we should do is do not look for the best brands because all COVID-19 vaccines are effective and safe.

In 2020, getting vaccinated was like a horse race. We have to cross the line to win. When multiple vaccines started announcing results from clinical trials the race turned to which one is superior, safe, and efficient.

In 2021, several safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines were approved and many parts of the world are experiencing “brand tribalism.” Nowadays which vaccine brand you get or want has become a serious problem.

In the United States, recent vaccinators post their vaccine ‘tribe’ or ‘team’ preferences on social media and mark, “ only hot people get the Pfizer Vaccine.”

In Britain, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine promotes patriotism and its not-for-profit approach but some consumers still prefer the fancier Pfizer vaccine.

In Hungary, people can be vaccinated with one which was manufactured in the East or West.

In Australia, consumers moved away from the AstraZeneca vaccine for people under the age of 50 in April, and the country preferred safety over efficacy. Some reports show that ineligible and younger people are trying to get vaccinated with available ones.

People aren’t attracted to flu vaccine brands. Introducing multiple brands for a specific vaccine is not new. Every year, many brands of influenza vaccines are introduced across different age groups.

Nowadays, people are well-informed about COVID-19 vaccine brands. 

Some people don’t bother about what vaccines they are getting, some people expressed their brand preferences and they are knowledgeable about different vaccine brands.

When it comes to flu vaccines, health care providers are told about the various influenza vaccine brands so that they can vaccinate people safely by following age-based flu vaccines, and these brands never reveal information in front-page news.

Flu vaccine brands are sold to consumers as flu vaccines without any brand tag. But in the COVID-19 vaccine case, brands are most likely prioritizing their brands. Vaccines are like buffets where people have no choice.

Brand Awareness

Australians are knowledgeable about the science behind the development and safety of vaccines.

After interviewing people, experts recently learned more about the science behind vaccination. Most people get vaccinated based on availability. It is not about which brand is better. It is about a responsive system that cares about people’s well-being.

What We Need to Do Right Now

The best thing people can do is to give less importance to the brand narrative. People should start believing that every COVID-19 vaccine is effective and safe. If the disease profile of a particular country changes, specialists can recommend who should have what vaccine. All COVID-19 vaccines help protect and benefit people.

Australians can be benefited when the country can safely reopen to the world and local businesses. If people want to avoid painful lockdowns, vaccines are the only solution to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.