Pandemic not only gives you depression, stress, and financial troubles but also comes with a negative bonus benefit that is nothing but “weight gain.” Well, you don’t have to worry much about it as you’re not the only one, many of us had gained weight in lockdown. You might have come across two types of people on social media- one flaunting their body and suggesting you take weight loss supplements whereas some say to love the body you have. You can follow any of it but remember pandemic weight gain is not a joke. 

A recent small research study published online by Jama Network Open on March 22 analyzed more than 7,400 volunteers’ weight measurements (measured using their Bluetooth connected smart scale -Fitbit or iHealth) from about 270-middle aged men and women across the country were collected from February to June 2020. Out of 270 study participants, 130 (48.3%) were men and 207 (77.0%) were individuals; the age data was available for 169 participants (62.8%) with a mean age of 51.9 (17.3) years. During the period volunteers’ weight steadily increased by 1.5 pounds per month. If the monthly weight gain has resulted in the same number and has continued from February 2020 until June 2021 then that would be a 25-pound weight gain. This number is just a lot and many people had become overweight or obese, even if they had been fit before lockdown. Weight gain can lead to many health hazards including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. 

What Causes Pandemic Weight Gain? 

Doctors and researchers say that pandemic weight gain is mainly due to staying indoors. Many of us are less active and eat more junk and ultra-processed foods. The change in sleep patterns, closure of gyms, eating habits, and even other stress of the pandemic can also lead to weight gain. 

How Is Weight Gain Related to Risk Factors? 

Many studies prove that people with sudden obesity can lead to many health hazards like diabetes, hypertension, chronic lung disease, and heart disease.  

Tips to Reduce Weight Gain in Lockdown 

If you’ve put on weight recently do follow and try to adopt these steps in your everyday routine. Here are some easy tips to gradually decrease your weight. 

Exercise– You can follow any exercise safely in your home. Exercise like yoga, bodyweight training, or walking can decrease extra calories. Dancing is also another form of exercise and it also enhances your mood. 

Nutrition– Healthy diet includes talking more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and high-quality proteins. While taking a healthy diet, don’t forget to cut down on sugar. Try to eat home-cooked food as much as possible.

Routine– Schedule your daily route and try to follow it regularly, irregular sleep patterns and eating food at un time can obesity. Research also says that there is a close association between obesity and lack of sleep.  

Stay hydrated- Drinking more water is as important as following a healthy diet. Drinking excess water increases the number of calories you burn and it also makes you feel full which in turn decreases your food intake.  

Worrying about weight can create a negative impact on your mental health. Instead, try to incorporate and adapt the above-mentioned tips into your daily routine to reduce weight and to maintain a moderate weight.