Security SignalSecurity signals are environmental stimuli used to prevent or reduce the nervous system’s response to fear. Fear is the brain’s normal reaction under threat/stress. But in patients with depression and anxiety disorders, the neurological response is high. This may create havoc in their day to day life affecting them and the people around them. That’s when security signals condition the brain to learn not to fear!

What Are the Elements Used for Security Signal?

The security signal reduces anxiety by altering the response of a specific set of neurons. The nervous system induces fear/stress during this period. A safety signal may be a person, music or an object which denotes the absence of a threat for the particular person who is getting treated. These signals connect to good memories. A security signal should be refined and should not associate with any kind of negative thoughts even in trace amounts.

Who Can Enjoy a Security Signal?

A security signal improves the effects of medications and cognitive behavioral therapy. These safety signals are capable of reducing the anticipation of unpleasant events. Using safety signals helps the brain to associate them with the absence of threat. It also helps to tone down the responses.

What Are the Symptoms That Can Be Reduced through Security Signal?

The often exhaustive symptoms of various anxiety disorders can be reduced through security signals. A person with anxiety often feels edgy and irritable. Physical symptoms include muscle aches, difficulty in concentrating, tiredness, fidgeting, and insomnia. Feeling anxious even might trigger digestive disturbances in people with acute stress.

Can I Use Security Signal without Having Any Anxiety Disorders?

Incorporating a security signal in stress management is a way of conditioning the mind to calm down through environmental stimuli. There is no ingestion of chemicals involved. It is like watching a good movie or going on a favorite ride. Anyone can try this method and condition their mind to not feel negative thoughts. Use security signals to cope up with your holiday stress and feel free to share with us the outcome.