What Is Self Care?

There are 5 important ways to practice self-care. But before that, it is important to know what is self care. It is to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.  Self-care carries a different meaning for every person. The common aim of self care is being good to yourself and treating yourself well. It is stopping for a while from the routine race. It is doing damage control, taking a step back and reviving your body and mind.

Why Self Care Is Important?

5 Ways to Practice Self Care

In today’s hectic lifestyle, stress has become a part of everybody’s life. Stress is unavoidable which spoils our physical and mental health. It is not only a mind-related condition. It affects one’s physiological function. It regulates the normal production and function of hormones. Stress can damage the organs later on. Hence, it is necessary to take a break from our routine life and spare some time to take care of ourselves.   Self-care helps you to find happiness in today’s hectic world. 

How to Put Self Care in Place?

Self care might seem like a vague idea and many people don’t value the idea of taking care of themselves. If you know the various ways to practice self care you can take care of yourself, self care is not a difficult task to carry out. 

5 Ways to Do Self Care

1. Physical Self Care

One of the ways to practice self care is to take care of your body. A healthy body is able to create a healthy mind. This involves treating yourself with good food and exercise. This will revive each cell in your body.  Do a detox flush to remove toxins and the built-up free radicals in your body due to stress. A healthy diet routine is as important as removing toxins from your body.  Reload every cell in your body with oxygen and cut the toxins from your body through yoga and exercise.

2. Social Self Care

As humans, we are meant to be together.  Being aloof will do more bad than your physical and mental well being.  We need others to share and care. Our nervous system expects others to be around us.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with mean and two-faced people. Being with mean people will ruin the very purpose of the self care agenda.  Reconnecting with your old friends is one of the best ways to practice self care. Make connections with new, like-minded people. Don’t always skip parties for work. Take initiatives in arranging a family get-together.

3. Mental Self Care

5 Ways to Do Self Care

This involves your own thought process. Engage your mind with activities that will exercise your brain.  Self-introspection, forgiving yourself is important to stay peaceful. Being compassionate and showing empathy will keep your mental health intact.  Ward off negativity from your thinking. Don’t expect negative outcomes. One of the best ways to practice self care is to think and do things that will create positive energy in you.

4. Spiritual Self Care

Meditation is the best choice of spiritual self care next to a holy expedition. This helps you focus your thoughts on one thing or nothing. Meditation helps you achieve a calm mental state. A spiritual tour ingrains spiritual thoughts. These will boost your immune function and regulate your hormones. Achieve a healthy body and mind with spiritual self care.

5. Emotional Self Care

Keep your emotions under control. All types of emotions like joy, disgust, and depression trigger our nervous system.  This leads to chemical reactions in the brain. The brain releases hormones in the body related to a particular emotion. For example, dopamine and endorphins are released when you are happy. During stressful times adrenaline and cortisol levels increase in your body. Bad emotions like stress can spoil your mental as well as physical well being. But there are ways that you can keep stress at bay by practicing self care. Distract yourself from problems by learning new things like dance, language, and singing.  One of the fun ways to practice self care is to watch feel-good movies. Make an appointment with a therapist if needed. Share your problems with people who care for you.

Take Away

Self care has become an inevitable part of life nowadays.  Today’s lifestyle and technology have made our tasks easier but at a heavy cost. We are tied to our gadgets instead of family and friends which leads to many issues.  In these difficult times allotting some time for self care is very important to stay healthy. Self care involves both physical and mental aspects of our well being. A proper diet and supplements will keep your body and mind healthy. Empathy, joy, serenity, kindness, gratitude will keep you hale and healthy. Certain emotions like jealousy, guilt, shame, and anger will keep you mentally unstable. Also, it can even cause premature aging.  So follow a self-care regimen at least twice a month.

Some of the simple ways to practice self care

  • Keep peace with yourself
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Stay away from negative people
  • Take healthy food