When an infected person coughs, sneezes or breathes near you or even when you touch the things they have touched and then touch your mouth, nose or eyes before sanitizing yourself, it paves a way for the virus to enter your body through your respiratory tract and moves deep down to your lower airway where angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 proteins that allow the virus to infect human cells are most abundant. The virus then binds with ACE2 and later multiplies throughout your body and kills the healthy cells, this is how coronavirus damages the organs.

It is the most known fact that COVID-19 affects lungs but in a recent study doctors found out that the virus not only affects lungs but also heart, liver, kidneys, gut, and brain.

Let’s See Some of the Organs Which Coronavirus Damages


We all know that in most common cases COVID-19 infects your lungs and damages the alveoli (small air packs) causing lung complications such as pneumonia, ARDS and respiratory failure. These complications led to death in many cases.


During the last few days experiments clearly showed that the novel Coronavirus damages our heart through the same receptors ACE2 present in the lungs causing high blood pressure, blood vessel injuries, strokes, heart attacks, and neurological problems. Early case report says that 20% of the infected people die when the disease gets to their heart.


People who have severe COVID-19 disease are most likely to experience liver damage due to the increased level of liver enzymes. But it is still unclear or not if COVID-19 makes existing liver disease worse.


In a recent study, it has been found that 27% of the admitted COVID-19 patients had kidney failure due to Coronavirus. Doctors say that the low levels of oxygen in the blood, clots in the kidney’s blood vessels can cause kidney failure.


In the latest study, it came to light that the novel Coronavirus damages your brain and nerves. This might cause strokes, brain inflammation, blood clotting, disorientation, psychosis, dementia, and several neurological problems.

It is a must for everyone to keep themselves updated on information on coronavirus myths and facts as this might be helpful in preventing unnecessary suffering and death. Keep yourself healthy and keep in mind that this too shall pass.