Learning is the process of understanding things and grasping knowledge. Every parent wants their kids to be a good personality. Every year students face difficulties to go school after a long relaxed holiday. And it is even worse after the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning loss due to covid no matter what class they are in, everyone put into online classes, which showed them a new way of education. The best practices for learning loss recovery are discussed below. 

Advantages of online class

  • The biggest advantage for the student is, a comfortable and convenient time to learn. Discuss whenever required, take quizzes, and chat with friends. Even some of the schools provide recorded videos which is previously taken in a live session. This helps the students not to skip any of the classes when they even take a sick leave. 
  • The notes of the classes are also provided in a pdf format, which helps the learners to pick it up anywhere they are.
  • Online classes are the easiest way to escape from the traffic and rainy days. A lot of time is spent simply on roads due to heavy traffic in peak hours and rains. Online classes put an end to all these during the pandemic. 

Learning loss due to COVID

  • The beautiful bonding between the students and the faculties has gone a bit far. Since there is no physical interaction between them makes to feel the gap and miss the friendly connection. 
  • Network issues play a major role, where that is the only source of communication. 
  • It is found that many students found to be in major demotivation and some were even dropouts. 

Strategies for combating learning loss

A personalized learning pattern is the most important to the kids and students. Every kid has their individuality and talents. The comparison between them makes the case even worse and causes demotivation. 

Project-based learning

PBL is one of the most interesting ways to enhance learning. Here students in various real-life projects deep dive into the core concepts and learn. Since this is done in a practical way rather than a theoretical way this will make the learners understand better and create attention. 

Focus on personalization

Educators should be aware of all the individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. To find out where they exactly lag helps to figure out and work on it. Customize the study material according to the student’s profile. 

Spiraling methods

The spiraling method is the better way to long-term memory. A teaching strategy called spiraling concentrates on regularly reviewing specific subjects across the curriculum. Throughout the semester or school year, kids will go over the same topic numerous times.


The movie we watch cause a greater impact than the book we read. The same is true for children. Students that struggle to understand the theory taught in class should attempt the visualized learning approach. To make the situation easier to understand and harder for the child to forget, it helps to recreate it in the form of videos or animation.

Summer learning loss

Students tend to forget things taught in class after long summer vacation. One can be in touch with the concepts taught in the class and overcome the summer learning loss. 

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