Running can be quiet hard for some people. Do you feel that even the hours of practice you are putting in is not making you go any faster?
The trick that most people follow to run fast is to use the least amount of energy to reach your goal. We all look for instant results.

Here are a few pointers which you can adapt in your existing routine and run more efficiently. Find out what is slowing you down.

1) Roll Out

Foam rolling is often used by athletes only after they have finished their run. This rolling helps in stretching the tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints before a big run. It prepares your body for the run.
Do not forget to spend a minutes on each muscle group before you really dive into warming up.


2) Drill

Running is not only about running in a straight line. You need to get your body to have the endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility of movement to run at an increased speed.
Incorporating drills in one’s training sessions will gradually increase speed and velocity with co-ordination.
Your body will get trained when and how to use muscles more efficiently.

drill for athletes

3) Change the pace

Running only fast and at one speed is not going to help you. As weird as it sounds, running slowly will actually help you run faster. Plan your training sessions with mixed intensity endurance levels so that you can help your body channel out the speed and efficiency.

4) Work on your form

Swinging your arms is a waste of energy and will hinder your movement forward in speed. Always place your arms at a 90 degree angle and swing hands back only a little.

5) Wear proper shoes

If your shoes are old or not properly fitted then you stand the risk of damaging or injuring your muscles in your feet that in turn slows you down.

Get fitted for proper sneakers every 500-800 miles and do not forget to break into them before you attempt to run in them, so as to prevent any form of injury to your feet.

run shoes

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