Building a successful early wake-up habit is necessary for the physical and mental health of children. They often fall asleep late and struggle to wake up for school in the morning. Establishing an early wake-up routine allows a child to get ready and leave for school on time. From understanding the child to saying positive words, there are various tips for waking up your child early. Let’s see the early riser lifestyle ideas for your child. 

Benefits of Waking up Early

Benefits of Waking up Early

Waking up refreshed and energized does have some perks. Here is the reason why it might be worth it. 

  • More time to exercise
  • Balanced diet
  • Enhanced skin 
  • Maximize productivity 
  • Better sleep
  • Balance your mental health 
  • Helps you concentrate 

Tips for Waking up Your Child Early

There are various reasons for a child to early in the morning from the bed. Punishing and shouting for not waking up on time can affect your child negatively. Some tips for getting up early are listed below. 

Understand and Observe the Child 

Understand and Observe the Child 

Each kid is different. It is essential to observe your child and understand what they are doing daily. You must figure out your child’s bedtime routine and help them to sleep at the correct time. If your child faces difficulty waking up in the morning, you must wake up before the child leaves for school. 

Create a Routine 

Having a good morning wake-up time routine every day is helpful for your kid. An accurate morning routine helps the child do all the necessary things. It also allows your child to grow disciplined in life. Here is a mountain routine for children to master the art of waking up early. 

Morning Routine For Child 
Make Bed 

Make Bed

Eat BreakfastEat Breakfast
Take a ShowerTake a Shower
Get DressedGet Dressed
Pack LunchPack Lunch
Pack School BagPack School Bag
Put on ShoesPut on Shoes


Limit the Food and Water before Bed 

Limit the Food and Water before Bed 

Large meals make it difficult for your child to sleep. Make sure your child does not overeat before bed and digest the food well. On the other hand, it’s a good idea for your child not to drink too much water before bedtime. It makes them wake up at midnight and disturb their sleep. Avoiding too much food and water before bedtime are other tips for waking up your child early. 

Use a Reward System 

You can focus on a reward system to motivate your child to finish daily tasks. For example, encourage them to brush their teeth and get dressed. You can point out that they will get rewards once they finish the tasks. It motivates them to complete the day-to-day activities without any delay. 

Start the Day with Positive Words 

You can begin the day by saying kind words such as ‘I love you’, ‘You Make me Smile’, etc. It allows them to start the day with a positive and happy note. They feel appreciated and loved more from your side. Here are some effective steps to eliminate lying in children and encourage honesty in kids. 

Morning Routine Suggestions for Child

Morning Routine Suggestions for Child

You can do some simple things in the morning with your child. A few ideas for cultivating a successful morning habit are listed here. 

  • Talk about the great thing your child did the day before in the morning. 
  • Take five minutes to spend with the child in bed
  • Hold your child’s hand when walking downstairs 
  • Help your child to do morning routines 
  • Share your positive thoughts with the child 
  • Listen to music or talk to each other when you have breakfast 

All these are the best tips for waking up your child early in the morning. Children may find it difficult to wake up due to a lack of routine, behavioral issues, and more. Hence, it’s important to help your child in effective ways such as creating a morning routine, giving rewards, and cooking something delicious.