A corn is a thickened or hardened part of the skin that is formed when the skin attempts to protect itself from pressure. They develop on feet or hands, especially on the toes and fingers. Many women face corns because of wearing tight-fitting heel shoes continuously. If you are suffering from corns, stop fretting because you are not alone! In this blog, we will discuss how to remove corn from foot easily.

With our corn removal techniques, you can quickly get rid of your problem. For many people, treating the source of the corn enables them to get rid of their issue pretty easily. 

Effective Foot Corn Removal Methods

The type of treatment for corn removal depends on the extent of the problem. Even young adults suffer from corns on their feet. If they are healthy, their corns can be treated within a short time. However, for people with diabetes or other underlying conditions, treating their corns might be challenging. Some say that the corn reappears a few days after it is removed from their feet! 

A corn is nothing but a group of dead skin cells. There are several factors leading to the formation of a corn. One of them is wearing socks or shoes that are too tight. Even shoes that are too loose can result in corn formation on your foot. So, wearing shoes or any other footwear of the correct size is of utmost significance. Here are 6 tips to buy the perfect running shoes. Treating corn on the foot at home is considered one of the best ways to get rid of it. 

Getting Rid of Corn from Feet

So, let’s look at some of the natural ways to eliminate foot corn.

Safe Home Remedies for Corn on Foot

Check out some home remedies to treat corns on foot!

1. Using Pumice Stone

Using Pumice Stone

Using a pumice stone is one of the best ways to remove foot corns. Follow the steps below to get rid of corn on your feet. 

  1. To make the best use of a pumice stone, soak your feet in hot water until the skin gets soft. 
  2. Rub the tough skin away using the pumice stone. 
  3. Wash your feet and repeat the process.
  4. This remedy is effective only after it is done a few times.

2. Using Vinegar

Using Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent home medicine for foot corns. Using it is one of the most effective foot corn elimination techniques.

So, soak a cotton ball in vinegar solution and stick it to the affected area of the foot overnight. Scrub with a pumice stone the next morning. When you do this a few times, you can quickly get rid of the corn from your feet.

Talking about vinegar, do you know the impact of apple cider vinegar on weight loss?

3. Applying Petroleum Jelly

Applying Petroleum Jelly

This remedy works if you use it in the long run. Skin that is treated with petroleum jelly or any other moisturizer regularly tends to soften. Using petroleum jelly is one of the gentle foot corn removal strategies.

4. Baking Soda for Dead Skin

Baking Soda for Dead Skin

Soak your feet in hot water mixed with baking soda. This is said to loosen the dead skin on the feet. You can even make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it as a foot-pack overnight. 

5. Lemon Juice for Corn Removal

Lemon Juice for Corn Removal

Try the following steps for managing foot corns naturally.

  1. Apply lemon juice directly on the corn and soak your foot in hot water. 
  2. Scrape off the hard dead skin. 
  3. Repeat the process till the corn disappears.

Making use of lemon juice is one of the most effective and safe methods for corn removal on foot. While at it, know the top 5 health benefits of lemon juice.

6. Using Cotton or Lamb’s Wool

Using Wool between Toes

At times, you may find a corn in between your toes. This can be painful or might cause irritation. In such a situation, use a wad of cotton or lamb’s wool between the toes to cushion the corn present in the area. You can practice this type of foot care for corn removal.

7. Corn Pads for Protection

Corn Pads Protect the Area Where the Corn Is

You can get doughnut-shaped foam pads and use them to protect the area where the corn has developed. But beware of medicated corn pads and liquid corn removers because they have the ability to irritate the skin. However, you can use them if they are prescribed by your healthcare provider or podiatrist. Consult them before you use even an ordinary or medicated corn pad.

Foot Health and Corn Removal Tips

Here are some additional tips for great foot health and corn removal. Take a look!

  • If you are suffering from corn on your feet, try changing your footwear. Wrong pressure points in your footwear might be the cause of the corn in your feet.
  • Trim your toenails regularly to protect your feet from corn and maintain foot hygiene.
  • Develop a routine to moisturize your feet and hands.
  • Apply cooling pads or silicon pads to ease the pain caused by corn.
  • Wash feet daily and apply powder to remove moisture that causes corn between the toes.

Hope you have now got the hang of DIY foot care for corn removal.

Podiatrist-Recommended Corn Removal

Podiatrist-Recommended Corn Removal

Remember never to overlook the importance of healthy feet. If your corns are very severe, please visit your podiatrist at the earliest. They can give you expert advice on foot corn removal. While scraping the corn off your feet is an option, it is recommended that you do it with your podiatrist’s advice. Getting rid of your feet corn at the hospital under your podiatrist’s supervision is even better. 

Non-invasive Foot Corn Remedies

Many people with diabetes have corn in their feet. They may find corns a more troublesome issue when compared to normal individuals. If you are diabetic, make sure you maintain proper foot hygiene to prevent corn in your feet. You must never underestimate the need for diabetic foot care. However, if you are already suffering from the problem, the quick and easy corn removal tips we have discussed will prove helpful to you. In case the corn on your feet is too severe to be treated with home remedies, you must consult your doctor or podiatrist immediately. In highly severe cases, some of the home remedies you try might not solve the problem.  

Treating Corns the Right Way

We hope this blog on “how to remove corn from foot” helps you tackle your corn issues in the best way possible. Surgical procedures might be required in cases of chronic corn problems. A local anesthetic might be used during the procedure by your podiatrist to combat pain. 

Our feet carry us everywhere and bear our entire weight. So, treating them with care, just like the other parts of our body, is crucial. Prevention is always better than cure in the case of corns too. But if you cannot prevent corns, try using our home remedies to cure them!