7 Reasons why you should be Eating Spicy Food

Asians love their spicy food. And if you can’t keep away from spicy food then you have nothing to feel guilty about.  It is funny to think that though we find our tongues on fire by eating chilies, we can’t really keep away from the spice. We find the thrill of eating something that gives us a kick a reason to keep eating it.

Here are some reasons why we should continue eating spicy food:

  • Weight loss

Studies have shown that the consumption of spicy food helps in boosting the body’s metabolism. Apparently the compound capsaicin found in chilies promotes the burning of fat.

  • Prevents cancer

According to research spicy food that contain capsaicin also help fight against cells that cause cancer and leukemia. As a matter of fact the spice turmeric is said to have the same effect as that of cancer drugs. So sprinkle turmeric on your food to help fight cancer and prevent it spreading in your body.

  • Keeps depression at bay

When you eat spicy food, the body produces endorphins to fight the pain, as a result of which you get to enjoy an instant uplift of your mood. So the next time you feel glum don’t forget to douse your hot dog with extra Tabasco sauce.

  • Maintains good health of the heart

Research has proved that by eating spicy food regularly you can reduce the risk of contracting heart diseases. Spicy food also helps in reducing or melting the bad cholesterol in the body along with preventing the inflammation of the hearts tissues.

  • Lowers blood pressure

Chilies and other spices are rich in Vitamin C and A that helps in strengthening the walls that line the heart. Spices even increase the blood flow in your body.

  • Drives away a cold

The heat from spicy food will help you drive that cold away. Nothing like a bowl of hot and sour soup, that helps you get rid of that severe sinusitis or cold.

  • Pain relief

When we eat spicy food, the brain focuses on the intense heat and ignores the pain it is facing elsewhere in the body. Basically spicy food cheats the body into believing that the pain has disappeared by freezing the signals the nerves are sending to the brain and concentrate on the heat in the mouth.

So sneak in some spice to your daily meals so that you can benefit from its health benefits.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf