Solutions to 6 embarrassing skin problems

All of us have our days of bad skin like acne breakouts, rashes and heat boils. But there are some skin problems that are embarrassing that some of us even hide them from the doctors.

So now how do you treat these embarrassing skin problems if you cannot anyone the solution to these problems?

Let us discuss the most embarrassing skin problems along with the solutions:

  • Excessive sweating

It can be embarrassing to be sweating all the time. Some people sweat profusely in their under arms, face, feet, hands and all over for that matter.People are unaware that excessive sweating is a condition called hyperhidrosis.

People with such problems need to wear clothes that absorb all the sweat and apply tons of deodorant to prevent body odor. But if the problem persists, consider using a heavy duty perspirant to stop the sweat. If despite all these measures your sweating problem does not reduce then consider getting Botox injections getting a laser treatment to kill those sweat glands of yours.

  • Nipple hair

Both men and women suffer from this problem. As a matter of fact it is completely normal to have nipple hair. Sometimes the noticeable kinds are caused by hormonal imbalance.

Temporary solutions include waxing or removal using tweezers. For a more permanent solution you can consider a laser treatment. But laser treatments are expensive and take a lot of sitting and will not get them off completely.

  • Yeast infection under breasts

When we sweat, this gives room for bacteria to grow. So don’t be surprised if you find the dark sweaty area below your breasts developing a rash in the summer.

To treat a yeast infection you first need to keep the area always dry, free from moisture. You should also use the anti-fungal powders that are available in the market to get the get the infection away sooner.

  • Anal itchiness

This embarrassing situation is caused due to excessive sweating, use of too less or too much harsh soap or other products.

To solve the problem try to use cleansers with a non-soap formula and avoid total contact with scented or perfumed products. You should even stop using rough or harsh toilet paper or wipes and if inflammation doesn’t go you might have to use a steroid.

  • Funky feet

People suffer from sweaty feet. What we don’t know is that our feet have tons of sweat glands, making it the ideal place for bacteria to breed.

To avoid this problem, apply fungal powder that reduces the moisture in our feet. It is also a good idea to wear loose fitted socks and footwear that permit proper air circulation.

  • Butt bumps

Pimples like bumps formed on the butt that aren’t acne are called butt bumps. They are caused by the friction or irritation of the hair follicles in the butt caused by wearing tight fitted clothes.

These butt bumps can disappear by wearing loose fitted clothes that allow air to pass through. It might also be a good idea to use an anti-bacterial soap to get rid of these bumps. If after all these measures the bumps don’t disappear, you can visit a doctor to prescribe some medication to get rid of them.

So try these solutions for your embarrassing problems. If they still don’t disappear with these solutions you should visit a doctor to get proper prescribed treatment.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf