To some extent, yes but these socks can’t prevent, say the experts. Diabetic socks have been in the market for some time now and more and more companies are promoting them. But how effective are they?

What are a diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks are nothing but seamless socks with extra padding, just like an insole shoe. They basically protect your feet and reduce the risk of getting an injury or wound. Lots of people consider the socks as a necessity, as they prevent your feet from various complications. The non-elastic seamless socks prevent constriction caused due to common feet swelling tendencies. The seamless design of the diabetic socks is to minimize friction to the nerves and pain. It is really good to have specialized socks to prevent the need for future amputation due to the foot injury.

Who should use diabetic socks?

Not all people suffering from diabetics are required to wear diabetic socks. Here are given below who all can suit wearing diabetic socks.
• If your feet are sensitive and prone to redness, irritation, and swelling, you should prefer wearing these socks all the time.
• If you are pregnant and suffering from gestation diabetics, the socks would be beneficial for swollen feet.
• If you frequently get foot injuries due to fiction rub should consider wearing the socks for better protection.
• Diabetic patient with decreased pedal pulses, changes in color and temperature of feet must favor wearing the socks.

Smart diabetic socks

The “smart socks” is the newest development in the market and they utilize fiber optic sensor to monitor pressure and foot joint angles to warn potential development of an ulcer in your feet with nerve damage. The thought is such products can reduce the amount of amputation and death caused due to foot ulcer and infection.