The lockdown has rendered many houses with master chefs, but in due course, all the whipped-up food started settling down as fat as the trend slowly shifted to inhouse workout sessions with popular influencers sharing what they eat and how they work out.

 A glimpse into these scripted vlogs had everyone thinking:

  • Can I survive with so little food?
  • Will online workouts benefit me?
  • How do I keep my heart healthy?
  • Am I a healthy individual?
  • Should I sacrifice yummy food today for a healthier tomorrow?

But at the end of the day, most individuals revert to:

  • I will begin tomorrow
  • Today is a cheat day
  • These influencers are fake
  • I am fit enough, just need to shed the tummy fat
  • I am a mother and I need time to concentrate on my children. These workout and food habits are impossible to fit inside my daily routine
  • I am happy with the way I am 
  • Inner beauty is more important 

There is no hard and fast rule to how a human being should appear physically but there are certain rules pertaining to the health of an individual. A new study has discovered that 15 minutes of workout named HIIT can substitute lengthy cardio workouts and help in maintaining your heart health.

What Is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) may be a daunting name but a recent study based on the findings of 11 other studies has proved that HIIT can be the best workout solution for individuals who can’t afford or allot time for gym and long workout sessions while providing similar benefits as any other exercise.  

The HIIT workout consists of 15 minutes of workout that consists of gradually shifting from a low-intensity exercise to a high-intensity exercise and then returning back to a less intensive one. 

How Does HIIT Help You?

Researchers say that 15 minutes of workout is the best way to maintain good health and perfect interval between heart beats. The various benefits of HIIT routines are:

  • Increased cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Sugar and blood pressure will be under control
  • Cardiac risks will be reduced 
  • People with heart failure symptoms benefit the most 
  • Exposure to type-2 diabetes can be prevented
  • Obesity-related problems can be avoided (should be performed under supervision only)
  • Promotes metabolism especially cardiometabolic health

What Are HIIT Workouts?

HIIT is a combination of a longer, low-intensity workout and a shorter but highly intense workout. Typically, aerobic exercises are the best choice to get visible results. 

  • A five-mile run
  • Cycling
  • Swimming 
  • Skating 
  • Rowing and
  • Workouts on elliptical machines are popular outdoor options


  1. The study was performed inside a lab on a selective population. Thus, its effect on individuals in real life, especially people with underlying conditions, is unknown. 
  2. 15 minutes of workout can be the best alternative for regular or special exercise routines but managing your diet is also necessary.
  3. Qualitative exercise is more important than quantitative measures, so make the 15 minutes of workout count.
  4. Heart health can be improved through other ways like yoga and meditation, HIIT is not the final solution.
  5. The study was completely based on topical reviews. The lack of meta-analysis question the study’s discovery. 
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