Breast cancer is common among women. Breast cancer will be detected in one out of ten women. This is also the second leading death-causing cancer after lung cancer.

October month is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is to help increase the awareness level of the disease among the public. Early detection, awareness of the symptoms is an important way of reducing the risk.


All about breast cancer- Symptoms

The first symptoms of breast cancer normally show up as a region of thickened tissue or a lump in the breast or an armpit.

  • Thickening in the breast
  • A slight difference in the shape or size of the breast
  • Redness of the skin
  • Bloody discharge from the nipple
  • Inverted nipple
  • Color change in the breast area
  • Itchy around the nipple area



Still, nobody knows the exact cause of breast cancer or how it is developed. But there are many risk factors possible to prevent.

1. A history of breast cancer

If you have relatives with breast cancer, you have a higher possibility of getting it yourself. Having a close relative with the disease doubles the risk.

2. Personal history

Women who have a history of cancer treatment are bound to have it again than those who have no history of the sickness. 

3. Age

Breast cancer may increase as one gets older. At 20 years, the possibility of breast cancer growth is very less. But in 70, there is a high chance of developing breast cancer.

4. Thick breast tissue

Women with thicker breasts are bound to get a diagnosis of breast cancer growth.

5. Bodyweight

Ladies who develop obesity after menopause may also have a higher pohealth sibility of developing breast cancer, possibly because of expanded estrogen levels.

6. Liquor consumption

Liquor consumption regularly increases the risk of breast cancer development. Research says a higher chance of getting breast cancer is by consuming alcohol and sometimes this also includes light drinking.

7. Radiation exposure

Experiencing radiation treatment for alternate cancer may increase the danger of breast cancer later on in life. Exposure to past chest radiation will surely increase malignancy growth.

Prevention is better than cure! 

There is no ensured way to prevent breast cancer. However, certain lifestyle decisions can reduce the risks.

  • Breastfeeding for one and a half to two years seems to lower the risk of breast cancer.
  • Regular exercise appears to lower the risk of breast cancer.
  • Follow a healthful routine containing plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.

Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping up a regular exercise follow up may help decrease the risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer in men:

Men don’t develop milk-producing breasts yet their tissues can develop cancer. Symptoms are the same as in women. This is very rare in men but yes, breast cancer can also affect men.