Slow-healing wounds and frequent urination are symptoms of diabetes, dizziness, and pounding heart or head can be High BP symptoms. Even corona symptoms exhibit themselves within 2-14 days, but cancer symptoms can be felt only after the cancerous cells have grown large enough to cause trouble. Consequently, making the detection of cancer at an early stage an important aspect.

Therefore, it is wise to take preventative measures rather than curative measures against cancer. The pandemic has caused many losses in terms of health and wealth, and considerable numbers of annual checkups have been overlooked.

How to Detect Cancer at an Early Stage?

Annual check-ups are the best way to detect cancer at an early stage, but if you have skipped a few check-ups due to the pandemic, it is important to note the following symptoms to stay cautious. 

Note: The following is just for awareness purposes and is not a substitute for annual check-ups, so never skip one.

  • Sudden change in bowel and bladder habits
  • Losing weight without changes in dietary habits or exercise
  • Physical ailments such as fatigue, emotional stress, fever, etc.
  • Changes in skin color, mole shape, or size
  • Slow-healing sores 
  • Difficulties in breathing

Self-Examination For Cancer 

Being aware of your body’s physical and emotional changes is a healthy practice that every individual should follow. The number of breast and testicular cancer patients under the age of 45 have been on the rise, but the good news is that these types of cancers can be identified easily by touching and feeling yourself at frequent intervals.   

Men and women should look out for the following differences in their testes or breasts to identify testicular or breast cancer:

  • Swelling or enlargement
  • Hard lumps that won’t go away within few weeks
  • Visible nodules on the outside
  • Dull ache in and around the organ
  • A heaviness that doesn’t reduce 
  • Any change in shape or size that is unusual

Why Is Colonoscopy Important?

Following breast and testicular cancer, colorectal cancer has become one of the common types of cancer to affect humans in recent times. 

On average, 40,000 Americans took colonoscopy in a day, but this number has reduced considerably since the pandemic. Doctors suggest that metastasized cancer in the breast or testes can be treated by amputating the organ. In the case of colorectal cancer, it is not possible to amputate or transplant the intestines. Thus, prevention or enduring the disease along with treatments are the only available options. 

Gynecological Examination

An annual gynecological examination is always recommended, irrespective of whether it is for the detection of cancer at an early stage or just for maintaining healthy feminine hygiene.  Statistics suggest that almost every woman would have experienced one or more problems gynecologically.

Though cancer affects more men than women, the mortality rate is comparatively high in men. Women should always beware of these common symptoms:

  • Vaginal bleeding or discharge that is abnormal
  • Frequent pain near the pelvis
  • Unusual abdominal or back pain
  • Bloating that won’t go away
  • A drastic change in bowel and bladder movements
  • Discoloration, burning, or itching in the vulva
  • Rashes, warts, and sores that look odd

A pap smear at the right time can be a saving grace for many.

Oral Health For Cancer Patients  

If you are already diagnosed with the disease and detectingskip a check-up or a treatment session like chemo, it is cardinal to get your dental check-up before everything else.

The medication and treatment for cancer are known to bring down immunity to a bare minimum, making them highly vulnerable to infections. Apart from infections, radiation therapy can lead to weak enamels as well.

Hence, inform your dentist about your ailment and get the following examined before going in for an appointment with your oncologist:

  • Gum infections
  • Cavities that need filling 
  • Ill-fitting dentures
  • Mouth sores, salivary gland damages
  • Dry mouth

Insurance can only cover your monetary expenses while the pain has to be suffered by you.  Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or not, whether you exhibit cancer symptoms or not, skipping an annual check-up is a bad idea. 

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