Physical activity is very essential for all kids. It helps them grown and keeps them fit as individuals. As much as play is important, it is equally important to keep yourself safe when playing any sport.

Here are five ways to protect your kids from game related injuries:

  • Wear protective gear-Wear the protective gear that is required of the particular sport that you are playing. Protective gear for sports includes helmets, knee caps, protective pads and cups. Don’t mix up these protective gears. You might think that you can wear the same helmet for all the sports. But you can’t generalize helmets. Each sport has its own helmet. So make sure you use all the necessary protective gear when you play sports so that you can prevent getting hurt or suffer from any physical injuries.
  • Warm up and cool down-Most of us tend to ignore or neglect the fact that it is very important to warm up before you get into the actual play. You can warm up with a simple jog and a few stretches. Stretching helps your muscles get ready for the rigorous physical activity and reduces the chances of muscle pulls and cramps.
  • Don’t play when injured-As tempting as it is to go out and play your favorite game when you are sporting an injury, its best that you sit it out on the bench or enjoy a few days rest at home. If you play with an injury, chances are that you will cause further damage to the existing injury that might even result in a permanent injury preventing you to play for the rest of your life.
  • Know the rule of the game– It is always better to play the sport or game with complete knowledge of the rules. When you know the rules, there are lesser chances of making mistakes and making the wrong moves. Different games have different strategies and goals. So know your role well so that you don’t harm yourself and others.
  • Help others-A lot of injuries can be prevented if you watch out for others. For example if you see someone whose shoe laces are untied don’t hesitate to bring it out to his attention.

Stay protected and play safe!