A 7-year-old dies after being taken off life support following a Judo practice that went wrong. Here is everything you need to know about martial arts training before you enroll your kids. 

How Did the 7-Year-Old Die During Judo Training?

“7-year-old dies after being taken off life support” was the shocking headline of many Taiwanese news channels on the 29th of June 2021. Here is everything you need to know.

The unidentified  Taiwanese boy was enrolled in a Judo class by his parents. He was accompanied by his uncle During his training sessions, hebased on national law. 

  1. Observe the classes and how trainees are being treated.
  2. Children often cannot differentiate between soreness, external pain, and internal pain. Help your child understand the difference or have them checked up by a professional regularly. 
  3. Pay attention or talk to your child to know whether they like learning martial arts.
  4. Children should always practice with other children of the same age or with a gentle trainer. 
  5. Inculcating discipline, focus, perseverance, and others takes time. Never opt for speedy results at the cost of your child’s emotional and physical health. 
  6. Martial arts are taught as a way of living life, never hustle your child unnecessarily for glory. 
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