5 Foods that your dentist doesn’t want you to eat

We often talk about the food that is harmful for our waistline, our health etc… but often fail to discuss the food that can damage our mouth, teeth and tongue.There are a lot of foods that can damage our teeth and the interiors of our mouth. If you want to limit your dentist visits, its time you started attention on what you put in your mouth.

Here are five things that would make any dentist cringe if seen put in the mouth:

  • Ice

At all costs avoid biting into ice. Ice can cause a lot of tension to your teeth and the nerves that hold them in place. What’s more dangerous is the risk of cracking your teeth while biting into them.

  • Frozen candy bars

Some people love to chomp on frozen candy bars. Little do they know that biting into these frozen bars can strain the ligaments in their teeth and result in a fracture. Stick to melted chocolate unless you want to land up with cracked teeth.

  • Corn on the cob

Avoid biting into a cob directly. The silk strings of the cob are hard to get rid of and biting into the cob usually results in food getting stuck between your teeth and also causes damage to your gums. Better chop off the cob and enjoy them in that form.

  • Scalding hot coffee

We all love our cups of hot coffee. But if you happen to drink a cup that’s too hot you stand the risk of damaging the skin and the cells in the outer layers of your mouth and tongue. So make sure you get your drinks at the right temperature so that you do not harm the superficial layers of skin of the tongue and mouth.

  • Diet soda

Diet soda contains a lot of acidic elements, more than regular soda. These acidic elements are responsible for erosion of the enamel on teeth. Apart from the enamel erosion; soda also gives ugly stains on your teeth.

So keep your teeth and mouth healthy and safe so that you can avoid meeting the dentist. Then again you can avoid these tips if you’ve got a cute dentist.