Sex is as important to couples as their food, drink and exercise. It might be at a standstill due to work, stress, and distance from partner or any other reason. It is good for health and a dry spell can affect you in ways both good and bad.

Here is what happens to you when you stop having sex:

1)    You go into depression

Sex releases endorphins that are happy hormones that keep your mood happy always. Researchers have found that women get depressed the longer they refrain from it.


2)    You will feel anxious

Sex releases endorphin and other happy feeling hormones that release stress and make it happy. Research has shown that people who did not have sex struggle to face difficult situations.


3)    You increase chances of getting prostate cancer

Frequent ejaculations remove harmful substances and toxins from the prostrate. So skipping your weekly tryst is just increasing the chances of developing prostate cancer in men

4)    You get the flu more often

Sex increases your immunity by increasing immunoglobulin in your body (IgA) that helps your body defend against viruses and diseases.
The lack of sex in your life might be the reason you are falling sick more often.
5)    You start feeling insecure

Not having sex has a direct impact on the closeness, intimacy and happiness in a relationship. When you have sex you bond as a couple and feel the sense of belonging. Sex is an expression of intimacy. Its absence might lead one to believe that the other is looking at others for his or her sexual needs.

feeling insecure

6)    Increases chances for erectile dysfunction

The more men use their penis the muscles stay active and preserve the semen and its potency. Men who did not have sex frequently are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

7)    Chances for getting UTI’s are reduced

This is the only positive aspect of not having sex. When you have sex you push the bacteria and other infection causing viruses into the urethra that leads to a UTI. Not having sex just reduces your chances of developing a UTI.

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