There is nothing a bowl of soup can’t fix. Be it a bad tummy or a serious fever, soups are the moms of healthy food. Soups can never do anything wrong – or so we thought.  Little did we know that soups can be both healthy and unhealthy? Yes, a soup can make or break your diet, depending on its ingredients.

So what constitutes a healthy soup? Usually, the increase in vegetables, lentils, spinach, lean meats, bones, a decrease in sodium, thickeners (cream, cheese), and condiments makes a soup healthy.

Now that we have classified what constitutes healthy soups let’s dive into them. Soups are pretty much an integral part of all countries’ cuisines. Depending on the country or region of the world, soup ingredients vary widely. Here are some of the best from all continents.

Shorba Addis from Ethiopia

Shorba Addis is a curried tomato lentil soup made with spices, common in Ethiopia. These spices include ginger, curry powder, and fenugreek. Flavorful and filling, this soup can be cooked with oil and served even as a meal.

Caldo verde from Portugal

Translated as ‘green broth’, this Kale based soup is a Portuguese staple. Chop up some Kale and chorizo, or other similar sausages, and voila’! you have a hearty healthy soup. Serve with bread to make it a meal.

Soto Ayam from Indonesia

This is a spicy and flavorful Indonesian noodle soup, popular in Singapore and Malaysia too. The recipe calls for chicken and several aromatics, like coriander, turmeric, and ginger.

Kapusta from Poland

Loaded with pork, cabbage, and sauerkraut, kapusta is a traditional Polish cabbage soup. It would usually be served with buttered rye bread, but you could also try this with brown rice for a healthier option.

Molokhia from Egypt

This soup is most popular in Egypt and Lebanon. Filled with amazing flavors of cumin and cloves, the prime ingredient of this soup is Molokhia, also known as jute leaves. All these combined give it a distinctive Middle Eastern flavor. Serve it over rice or with crusty bread.

Caldo de pollo from Mexico

The Mexican spin on chicken soup calls for a long list of flavorful ingredients, like jalapeno, cilantro, and avocado. These ingredients in themselves scream healthy, don’t you think?

Caribbean Shrimp Callaloo 

Callaloo is a wonderful plant that’s native to Jamaica. Adding this to their traditional shrimp soup which contains scotch bonnet pepper and lemon juice invites you into a healthy haven. If not available, callaloo can also be replaced with spinach. Serve this in large bowls as recommended by the Jamaicans since they exclaim – people are always going to want more!