When you are working out for the first time or are getting back to it after a long time it can leave your body stiff, sore, and uncooperative. Sometimes you just need to concentrate on moves that will treat your aches and pains or loosen those stiff muscles.

Here are 5 yoga poses that will loosen those hips in no time:

1)    Ankle circles

This is a super simple move to get the lead out of sore, tired legs after a long day on your feet. This move is also a great way to warm up the ankles and calves before a long training run or after a workout.
Place your hand on the wall and stand parallel to the wall. Lift the leg on the outer side and rotate your leg while in standing position very slowly.
Repeat 10-15 times and switch sides.


2)    Calf stretch

This move helps in combating the calf-crunching effects of wearing high heel shoes or chunky boots. It targets the major muscles of the calf that can affect the foot and knee and is a fantastic way to gain greater ankle range when warming up for squats, pistols, or sprints.
Stand tall and place the ball of the right foot on a rolled-up towel or yoga blanket. Drop the heel to the floor.Place left foot on the floor under left hip.Hold static or slowly straighten and bend the right leg to change the focus of the stretch up and down the leg for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat on the left leg.
calf stretch
3)    Low lunge

This move is a tune-up of the classic quad and hip flexor stretch. It will warm up the large muscles of the legs and mobilize the hips and lower spine.
From a standing position, step back with left leg letting left knee tap the floor and sweeping arms to the sky alongside ears.Quickly step left foot forward to meet the right, sweeping arms back to the sides.Repeat stepping right leg back.
low lunge
4)    Prasarita lunge

This dynamic lateral lunge is taken directly from yogaand it targets the hamstrings, inner and outer thighs, ankles, knees, and hips.
Stand with feet parallel at shoulder with.Keeping your spine neutral you should bend forward at the hips while placing hands on the floor directly under shoulders.Push hips back so that the bodyweight stays in the heels throughout the movement.Bending right knee, shift the bodyweight toward the right hip and foot. Stay low and push off the right foot to launch over to the left side. Bend the left knee. Repeat on alternate sides.
parasit lunge
5)    Seated Piriformis stretch

This move is used to combat short, tight glutes and a grouchy piriformis.
Perch on the edge of a chair or bench. Sit tall with feet firmly planted on the floor.Place right ankle over left knee. Let the knee fall open toward the floor.Bend forward at the hips and place forearms on shins. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and then repeat with left leg.

piriformis stretch

Performing these exercises on a regular basis will show results.