5 Tips to reduce feet swelling in diabetic patients

Diabetes is a killer disease. It always causes a lot of complications and leaves you to face a lot of unwanted symptoms and problems. Foot problems are very common in diabetes so that diabetic patients should take proper care of their feet. The problem of feet swelling in diabetic patients usually occurs when there is a loss of blood circulation in the feet due to damaged capillaries in the feet.

Here are some tips to help you fight the swelling in your feet:

  • Keep your feet elevated

Elevate your feet daily for a few minutes so as to increase the blood circulation. Elevation reduces the swelling and also drains out the excess fluids in the surrounding tissues.

  • Socks or stockings

Don a pair of socks or stockings that give a little compression to the feet. These socks help in relieving the pressure and also help in improving the blood circulation in the feet.

  • Reduce intake of salt

A diet high in sodium may cause the increase in the buildup of fluids, especially around the feet in diabetic patients. So try to cut this harmful substance from your diet.

  • Exercise

You might find it difficult to exercise with swollen feet. But that doesn’t mean you give up altogether. Try to take short walks and improve the circulation on your feet.

  • Massage

Massage improves blood circulation in the feet and also reduces the pain caused by the swelling. Use scented oils that also act as a moisturizer to massage your feet. If you don’t like oils then a good cream will serve the purpose.

Try these methods to get you back on your feet without any pains and swelling.