Parents always wanted their children to open up and share their feelings. So they follow a lot of tactics to win their heart but even after many attempts they fail to win. From the earlier stage itself, children see their parents more as dominating and authoritative personalities or educators but not as loving friends. Say whatever, they are your children, who could possibly know them better than you? 

In fact, a parent can be more of a close friend than others. However, following these simple steps will help you to become your child’s best friend. 

Spend Quality Time with Your Child

To develop a healthy relationship and strong friendship, you need to spend more time with your child than you regularly do. Apart from the school drop off and pick up, allot extra time to interact with them. Children love talking. Ask about their favorite games, friends, cartoons or spots when they reply back listen to them keenly and share your opinions about them but don’t be harsh.

Watch Their Favorite Movies/Cartoons Together

Almost every child has a list of favourite cartoons and movies. Children will get so excited if their

parents watch their favorite movies/ cartoons along with them. To make it more interesting tell them about the cartoons/movies you watched in childhood. 

Involve Them in Everyday Works

It is common that children always wanted to involve themselves in cooking, cleaning and other household chores. Ask them to do small activities like tidying their own room, washing small vessels, chopping vegetables, or filling the groceries in containers. Meanwhile, ask about their favourite dishes and try them out with their help.

Play With Your Children

Childhood days are nothing without play. Children never say “no” to playing, it is the best option to make close acquaintances with them. Spare some time to play with your children be it indoor or outdoor games. Playing will change their perception of you, and it will help you befriend them easily. 

Hang Around with Them

Children love to hang around in their favorite places. Ask about their preferences, provide some options but let them decide where they want to go. Hence they know that you value their choices and opinions. 

Cook Their Favorite Food

The best way to win someone’s heart is through their stomach. Cook your child’s favourite food often. Involve them while you cook, ask them to add ingredients, taste the food and share your recipe.

Don’t Be Overprotective

Protection is a must but being overprotective can ruin the children’s life. Teach your children what is right and what is wrong, but let them take their own decisions. You can show the path, and give instructions but don’t nag them. They need some time to comprehend all the instructions before deciding. 

“The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day”. Nothing in this world could equal the few minutes you spend with your children. You may pamper your children with lovable words, but that will become nothing without action. So spend time with your children as more as possible.

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