6 Ways men are destroying their sperm

It’s not only women who suffer from infertility problems. Men are also the victim to fertility issues. The sperm plays an important role in fertilization. The lifestyle people lead today lead to the disintegration of the quality of the sperm and its production.

Here are some issues that affect his sperm levels:

  • Keeping their phones in the front trouser pockets

All of us know the ill effects of radiation emitted from our phones and yet we choose to keep them in our trouser or jeans pockets. It’s not all talk but research that has proved that the radiation emitted from our phones kill the sperms in his pants. So if you are worried about fertility issues, remind your guy to keep his cellphone elsewhere.

  • Excessive smoking

Smoking is bad for the overall health. It even affects the sperm in a negative way. Smoking apart from reducing the sperm count also prevents it from moving around.

  • Stress

Stress affects all our bodily functions including the production of sperms. According to a recent study, the sperm either doesn’t get produced or even if it does exist does not have the ability to travel. Rule number one for all couples who are having fertility issues is ‘to keep the stress at bay’. You reduce your chances to get pregnant drastically by taking a lot of unwanted stress on your body.

  • Heavy drinking

The more you drink the worse the quality of the sperm you’ll have. Drinking in general reduces the overall health of your body. So try and control the amount of alcohol you consume in a week.

  • Prolonged sun exposure

For a man’s reproductive organs to function properly it needs to be at a temperature lower than the rest of the body. So keep your man cool and away from the heat if you want him to gift you a baby.

  • Being overweight

Being overweight brings with it many problems of fertility. Men can suffer from erectile dysfunctions or even suffer from reduced production of sperm.

If you want to get pregnant soon, ask you partner to steer away from these sperm destructors so that it does not affect the production, mobility and quality of his sperm.