6 Things that attract men according to science

It is in the primitive nature of men to get attracted to men. As women, we tend to overdo it by putting on a lot of makeup and perfume. What we don’t realize is that we really don’t know what men are really attracted to. We follow the hype and think what we do is right.

According to science there are some ways that can get the attention of the men around us:

  • Wide hips

It might sound primitive but women with wide hips and a narrow waist attract men. Wide hips are supposed to ease the process of natural childbirth. So maybe the primitive nature of men comes out when he sees an attractive lady with wide hips.

  • Red lips

A dash of color does wonder’s to attract men, particularly red. Research has proved that there is a direct relation between the color red and men attraction.

  • White teeth

Men get turned off by yellow teeth. So don’t forget to go in for those teeth whitening sessions to get your attractiveness back.

  • No makeup

Men are attracted to females who bear the natural look. For that matter even women tend to prefer women minus the makeup.

  • Husky voice

Research shows that men are extremely attracted to women with husky tones or talk in a higher pitch.

  • Dark hair

As sexy as blonds look, men actually tend to prefer women with dark hair. As a matter of fact, length of the hair doesn’t make an iota of difference to the attractiveness of the woman. Color overrules the length.

What we think is not what science has to tell us. Attractiveness is eventually in the eye of the beholder.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf