5 Ways Working the Night Shift Affects Your Health and Fitness

Nightshift is a necessary part of many industries. To meet the demand of the market, the business should operate throughout the night. But individuals who work during the night shifts suffer from many health issues.

Mainly your sleeping, exercise and eating habits will suffer, you will miss out on meals, or eat unhealthy foods and give up on your daily exercise. This will affect your sleep and your overall health.

1. Mental Health

Mental Health

Numerous studies prove that working night shift affects mental health. Many issues will arise if you are a night shift worker, you will suffer from mood disorder and depression. You won’t be social with others, you will feel like all your energy is dried up because of the irregular sleep.

2. Physical Health

Working night shifts will surely lead to many health conditions like- heart disease, diabetes, stomach ulcer, and abdominal obesity. Eating irregularly and excess intake of fast food will increase the risk of weight gain. To maintain a healthy life, sleep at the right time and try not to miss meals.

3. You Become Hungrier

Night shifts, rotational shifts can affect your hormones and increase hunger levels. You will feel hungry more frequently)  because of the irregular dining time. To stop this, eat every 3 hours to keep your appetite under control. Eat an extra meal or two if needed, it will help combat hunger.

4. Risk of Depression

Shift workers struggle to sleep during the day and often feel depressed because of it. Going against our routine sleeping hours will surely affect our mental health and create unnecessary health problems. 

5. Trouble Sleeping

You Become Hungrier

Shift work sleep disorder- Individuals who work night shifts will suffer from this disorder. Working in a different schedule interferes with the body’s circadian rhythms. It is an internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, if it gets disturbed, many health issues can develop. To normalize this wake up a few hours before your shift to do your daily exercises.

  • Hydrate regularly
  • Get proper sleep
  • Prepare healthy meals before the shift
  • Workout moderately