5 Ways to differently serve chicken breasts

After a point of time, serving chicken breasts over a bed of veggies can get boring. So how can this you make this protein rich food more interesting so that you don’t have to force your kids and husband to wolf it down.

  • Sandwiches

Sear chicken breasts on a pan marinated with your favorite seasoning. Place between toasted slices of bread, stuffed with veggies of your choice such as lettuce or other veggies like mushrooms and onion, tossed with mayonnaise and other sauce of your liking.

  • Salad

A lot of people who are on a diet opt to eat this dish as it gives them the goodness of veggies along with including a protein that is unadulterated. Experiment with different varieties of vegetables, fruits and cheeses in your salad, along with the succulent chicken breasts and enjoy the treat of filling your tummy and also being able to watch your weight at the same time.

  • Curry or gravy

Add some spice to those boring chicken breasts. Make exotic spicy chicken gravy using Asian spices and serve on a bed of rice or noodles. It will soon become a favorite in your household.

5 Ways to differently serve chicken breasts

  • Dumplings

This is an interesting way to eat chicken dumplings. Mix the chicken with exotic dumpling spices and fill the dumplings. You can steam it for a healthy version. And if you’re not worried about the calories then consider eating deep fried dumplings for a wonderful twist.

  • Soup and stews

Stews or soups are not boring as some people thing. If you season then right and add interesting vegetables you can spice them up.

Try to include these chicken breasts in interesting ways to that you can get the benefits of this wonderful undiluted protein.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf