3 Ways to fix a soup that has too much salt in it

This situation happens to even the best of cooks. We are human. We can make mistakes. So now that you have added a little too much salt you must be wondering how to fix it. No worries. There are a few shortcuts that can get that salt out of your soup and make it edible.

Here are some tips that can get that can fix your salty soup:

  • Dilute

If your soup is salty you can afford to dilute it using water or stock. When you are using stock just make sure that the stock is not salty. You don’t want to be adding more salt to the already salty solution. This method of diluting with water or stock works for soups that are meant to be watering or dilute.

  • Trick the tongue

So you’ve added just a little extra salt and you want to trick your tongue that all is fine. Add a little bit of zing in the form of lemon juice or sugar to make the soup balanced taste wise.

  • Add starch or carbs

This method works best on thick and creamy soups. If you find your soup too salty for your taste, then try adding some starchy elements like noodles, rice, kidney beans or even potatoes. What starchy elements do is that they draw the salt towards it and balance the salt out. As weird as it may sound, some people actually add raw potatoes to the soup and once they feel the salt content has reduced, they pull them out.

So try these hacks to save your soup.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf