There are many of us who hate to do abdominal exercises that involve lying down and especially those killing crunches. It is for these people that new ways are formulated to tone your abs.
There are ways where you can tone your abdominal muscles without having to do crunches or lie flat on the floor and also get the same effects as those.

Here are 5 exercises that you can do standing up and get your torso in shape:

1) Kick

Stand with your back straight, feet together and arms held out in front of you. Kick your legs up to touch your fingers without having to bend your hips. Lower your legs slowly and repeat on both sides for a couple of repetitions.






2) Knee to elbow twists

Stand with your back straight, feet hip-width apart, hands behind head. Slightly bend your knee and bring it up toward the opposite elbow, slightly bringing your elbow down. Repeat on the other side. While this pose is done your torso should be twisted.

abs twist





3) Wood Choppers

Stand straight with your feet wide apart, wider than shoulder width. Use a ball or weight. Raise your hands up with weight bend your knees and move weight towards each ankle. Repeat on both sides.

wood choppers





4) Tuck Jump

Stand tall with your legs apart. Keep your arms in front of you and then jump up using your abs to bring your knees closer to your chest.

tuck jump





5) Hanging Knee Raises

Hang from a bar or any other object with your arms slightly wider than shoulder width. Use the strength in your shoulders to bring your legs up to your chest level. Use the strength in your abs to bring your feet down.






Remember to keep your back straight when doing all these exercises and even your abs held tight or tucked in to enjoy maximum benefits of such a workout.
The right posture is very important while doing abdominal exercises. Aim at 3 sets of 15 repetitions. Start ta