Sugar is something that everyone is asked to keep away from. It contains a lot of empty calories without giving you any nutritional benefits. It can be enjoyed in moderation if you cannot really stay from it completely.
People who have abstained from sugar and stuck to clean eating that calls for zero sugar in one’s diet say that the experience higher energy levels, better immunity and stabilized mood.

Here are 5 signs that show that you need to take a step back in eating sweet treats:

1) You feel sluggish or fatigued from overeating

Feeling tired after a long day is normal. But feeling tired even when you wake up and dragging yourself through the week is not normal.
You may suffer from trouble concentrating and feel exhausted without your daily dose of it.

sugar addiction


2) You crave certain foods even if you are not hungry

You have to have a bit of sugar daily in the manner of a sweet treat like cake or dessert every day.
Your body has become so accustomed to having it that you often feel restless and unfinished even if you aren’t hungry.

3) You have health or social problems and still eat the way you do

You might be suffering from problems at work, college or school and to overcome them or feel better you must have started eating a lot of sugar.
Despite the fact that eating it is not going to help you continue eating it and cause additional problems to your health.
Eating it will only lead to you becoming obese and develop other health complications like diabetes or heart problems.

4) You crave sugar to get pleasure or avoid negative feelings

You have learnt to depend on the rush that it gives you to overcome your problems. You go to sugar to solve all your problems. What you don’t know is that it is your biggest enemy.

sugar addiction


5) You tried to cut sugar but often fail

The first sign of an addiction is the inability to stop. You will know if you have a sugar craving if you are cutting your intake but land up having even stronger sugar cravings.
The more frequent and intense the cravings the more adicted you are.