We all know when we feel sick enough to stay away from work. It could be because of really feeling sick or it could be the added benefit of having to stay at home.
Working out while you are sick might seem harmless. But what you don’t realize is that you are slowing down the recovery process of your body by adding unnecessary stress and strain by working out. You can even injure yourself by straining your muscles when you are sick.
Here are a few signs that your body cannot take exercise when you are sick:

1) Persistent Cough

It is definitely not pleasant to have someone hacking their lungs all over the equipment in the gym or while you are working out. Working out while being sick will only worsen your condition. So stay away from the gym unless you want to recover late and annoy your fellow gym mates.








2) You are dizzy

Viral infections can cause difficulty in performing even the most basic and everyday tasks. So if you are feeling woozy and a bit disoriented it is best you do not exercise so as to prevent unnecessary injuries.

3) Fever

When you have a fever it means that your busy is fighting off the infection. Strenuous exercises only add to the stress and strain of your body’s defense mechanism from functioning. You even risk getting your body dehydrated in such a state.

4) Asthma

It is best to take a few days off from the gym when you have suffered from asthma attacks. And when you start back slowly, you need to know when to stop. Stop as soon you experience shortness of breath.

5) Body aches

There are different body aches. There are those aches that you get when you work out and have sore muscles. But there are some aches that come with the flu and a viral infection. Allow your body to recover and bounce back to form before you work your muscles again.
Remember that rest days are very important when you work out, even if you are not sick.Rest and recovery is a vital part of building muscle, endurance, and tone. You are not going to break you goals by just missing a day or two at the gym.
Wait till you bounce back to your old form to head to the gym after a bout of sickness.