Thongs are often viewed as something sexual and sensual and are supposed to entice the man. As sexy as they may be, they are not the recommended choice of clothing for regular use.You might wonder why all this bias towards a thong. But the fact is that a thong can be quiet harmful.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not wear one:

  • Honeypot Infections-A thong will ride up and rub harshly against your genitals. In some cases it even causes cuts, nicks and swelling if too tight.A thong is a link between the honey pot and the anus. Thongs carry bacteria from the anus to the honeypot, resulting in infections such as e-coli infections or strep.
  • Inflammation-A thong should be of the right fit and fabric. If it’s too tight, not only will it be uncomfortable to wear but it will also cause inflammation in your private area.
  • Yeast Infection-If a thong is not of the right fit and is too tight then it will trap in the moisture and combined with all that friction in this sensitive area will surely cause a yeast infection. So if you want to escape contracting this terrible infections, its best you say goodbye to your thongs forever.
  • Lack of protection-Thongs are tiny. They barely cover anything. Wearing them can cut off the blood circulation in the area.At the end of the day it’s better to wear covered panties to cover those bum cheeks of yours.
  • Doesn’t guarantee a seamless look or cover up the essentials-A thong might just consist of a couple of inches of material, but if it is not of the right fit them you cannot be assured that it will stay hidden. Most thongs can still be seen even after wearing clothes.And since a thong is so tiny, it can land up exposing areas you never intended to show anyone.

Keep the thongs to be used for rare occasions as their regular use causes more harm to the body that we realize.