5 Reasons why diet soda is bad for you

Are you on a diet? Do you enjoy slurping on your diet soda? If your answer is yes to both of the above questions, then it is time you sat back and gave some serious thought to your intake of diet soda. Soda, be it the regular or the zero calorie stuff that you get nowadays are all harmful for your body. These carbonated beverages cause a lot of damage to your body. So if you are thinking of switching to low calorie or zero sugar cola instead of drinking regular cola think again.

Here are some reasons why you should not drink diet soda:

  • Caffeine-Diet soda may be free from sugar but then you can’t escape from the ill effects of caffeine. Too much intake of caffeine causes insomnia, hypertension and anxiety disorders. Not only that, you might land up getting addicted to caffeine.The reason why caffeine is so harmful is that it is diuretic in nature. So while you might be thinking that you are getting enough fluids, you actually are losing more than your actual intake of fluids.
  • Obesity and weight gain-You might be switching over to diet soda to lose weight. But research has proved that people who opt for these artificial sweetened drinks tend to increase your appetite and thus result weight gain. Your body thinks that you are consuming sugar when in reality you are consuming a zero calories drink, so it produces extra insulin messing up your appetite.Another trick that our mind plays on us is that we think that these zero calorie drinks do not give us anything so there is no harm in consuming it. But in reality we land up consuming more than we intend to.
  • Sugar cravings- Though diet soda does not contain any sugar in it, it does contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame that gives you the impression that you are actually consuming sugar. So once you keep including diet cola in your diet, you get addicted to having sugar as part of your daily diet and thereby develop a sugar craving.
  • Alcohol gets to you faster-When you mix your drinks with diet soda you get drunk faster. Alcohol gets into your blood stream faster as these sodas allow them to.So be careful when you mix diet soda with alcohol. You might land up with a terrible hangover the next day, worse than when you mix the regular sugar soda.
  • Messes up your metabolism- The artificial sweeteners in diet soda mess up with your metabolism. The body thinks that you are consuming sugar when you are actually not.Even a limited intake of diet soda is enough to cause a metabolic disorder.

So now that you know the ill effects of diet soda it’s time to steer away from them completely.