5 Myths about Dairy Debunked

We have all grown up with the idea ingrained in our brains that milk is essential for our body to function, build muscles and bones and stay strong and healthy.

Milk and dairy foods provide essential nutrients that take care of recommended daily dosage if taken in right servings.

Although people know about it health benefits there are a lot of myths that people hold about dairy foods.

Let us debunk a few common myths:

5 Myths about Dairy Debunked

  • Milk causes mucus

A lot of us have heard of elders in the family asking us to stop drinking milk when we suspect a cold. The fact is that when we drink milk we often experience a coating in our mouth after drinking milk which we mistake to be mucus. This coating is actually the normal creamy texture of milk fat which melts near body temperature.

Research has proved that there is no link between mucus production and the consumption of dairy products.

  • Skimmed milk is healthier than whole fat

While milk contains a lot of healthy fats that give you a feeling of fullness whereas skimmed milk leaves you feeling less satisfied. Studies have shown that full cream milk actually reduces odds of becoming obese.

  • People with lactose intolerance should avoid milk

Lactose intolerance is not an allergic reaction to dairy foods. Rather it is the inability to digest the milk sugar lactose. Lactose-free milk and yogurt are good alternatives to drinking milk for people that are lactose intolerant.

But a healthy person can tolerate up to a glass of milk without any serious side effects.

  • Milk is the only best source of calcium

There are other drinks that can provide equal if not more calcium. A glass of orange juice has more calcium than a glass of milk.

  • Drinking milk causes kidney stones

Contrary to the common belief, milk actually binds the oxalate’s in food so that they can no longer be absorbed by the body, reducing the risk of kidney stones.