Researchers say that rather than a pill, a pin can cure indigestion in an effortless way. The needle used in this treatment is just a diameter thick and it is not painful. Placing a small needle at particular parts of the body helps to stimulate the energy and chemical flow in the body which not only helps in curing indigestion but also treats various health issues. In this article, we will discuss the acupuncture benefits and it cures indigestion.


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that involves inserting a thin metallic needle into the person’s skin at various depths in specific parts of the body. Inserting a pin in specific points in the body will bring back the energy flow into proper balance. It also stimulates the central nervous system which releases endorphins in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. This biochemical stimulates the healing factors in the body that relieves stress, pain, and various health issues.


How Acupuncture May Ease Indigestion

One of the great acupuncture benefits is that it helps in curing indigestion problems. Researchers did an experiment to see how acupuncture cures postprandial distress syndrome (PDS). Postprandial distress syndrome (PDS) is a form of common indigestion that causes discomfort in the stomach after taking your food which causes pain or burning sensation in the throat and stomach.


Many experts believe that acupuncture has been a great cure for gastrointestinal disorders and its wide range of effects like nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and diarrhea, peptic ulcer disease, Crohn’s disease, postoperative ileus, and even gall stone disease.


The treatment of acupuncture may vary from one person to person. Even though the problem is in the abdominal area the acupuncture treatment plan takes place in various parts of the body. The acupuncture points may vary from one person to another either the point may be on the hand for one person and on the leg for the other person.  


During this procedure, the acupuncturists insert a thin metallic sterile needle into the specific parts of your body which manipulate the flow of the energy in your digestive system. This treatment causes some particular sensation in your body which includes the feeling of numbness, heaviness, aching, tingling, electricity, and warmth.


Some people might fall asleep during this treatment as it is quite soothing which also makes the acupuncturists stimulate the needle every now and then. This treatment usually takes place from the daily routine to monthly once then seasonal once until it is getting cured. 


Acupuncture Benefits You Must Know


  • Reduce Various pains in the body
  • Reduce Eye Strain
  • Reduce Cigarette Craving 
  • Reduce Sick Days & Improve Immune System 
  • Relief from stress
  • Relief from Digestive Conditions
  • Relief from Allergies
  • Relief from Headaches
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Increased Energy


In general, acupuncture is safer than normal treatments for indigestion. But somewhere we have to be more cautious as it might cause some common adverse effects on the body after the session. The most common side effects include bruises, minor bleeding, and pain. Some patients might faint as they may be nervous. Rather than these effects, acupuncture is safer and has numerous effective acupuncture benefits.