The heart is located in the center of our body and let’s be honest it does work harder than the rest of the organs in the body, making it the center of attention.

10 Weird Facts About your Heart

A heart is something that we cannot live without, thus the emphasis of the heart and heart shaped gifts being exchanged between lovers to show the extent of their love for each other.

  • Men and women have different hearts

Of course the hearts belonging to both men and women look the same, but the fact is that they function at a different pace from each other and even in terms of size and weight. The heart rate of women is faster as compared to that of men.

  • The heart is not red in color

We are all surrounded by images, stuffed toys and other stuff depicting the color of the heart to be red. The fact is that only the blood that is pumped by the heart is red. The heart actually is brown in color and covered with fat that gives it a yellow appearance.

  • Your heart is a pump

Your heart is a super machine. It works like a slave to keep us alive. It pumps so hard that it is able to pump blood to each and every organ of the body, every minute of the day. The heart has the ability to pump gallons of blood according to the requirement of the body.

  • The heart is not on the left side

Most of us are of the wrong impression that the heart is located on the left side of the body.  But it is actually wedged in between the lungs. It may not be placed on the left side of the chest, but it is slightly tilted to the left.

  • A smaller heart is better

Who says bigger is better? If they do then they are wrong. A heart has a lot of work to do. So it has to be designed to last long and for that it has to be lean and fit to pump all that blood. So a muscular heart that is big is not the sign of a healthy heart.

  • Heart attack can appear without any pain

A lot of people suffer from what is called ‘a silent attack’. Your heart need not give you apparent signals in the form of pain that it going to crash. The other telltale signs of a heart attack include fatigue, nausea, excessive sweating and even body ache.

  • A cold can damage your heart

As silly and crazy as it sounds, a common cold can weaken your heart. A viral flu or cold can cause damage to your heart, which might not be apparent. This form of damage to the heart is called viral cardiomyopathy.

  • Your heart will beat even outside the body

When a person dies and his heart is pulled out of his body, the heart still continues to neat outside the body. It might work on some electrical system where the heart continues to pump blood as long as it remains in contact with oxygen.

  • The heart cannot tire out

Of course a heart can get weak, but it can never truly get tired from pumping blood. It has great capacity and endurance to do what it has been created to do.

  • You can suffer from heartbreak

Most of us think of heartbreak as just another phrase used to describe the extent of our negative sad emotions. But a lot of post-menopausal women suffer from heartbreak due to stress or depression or any other negative strong emotion. However the damage caused by heartbreak is not permanent, but instead only a temporary phase.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf