Grape seeds edible?

Grape seeds are very much edible. There are numerous reasons why you should include grape seeds. But as for any food, it’s better to take in moderate amounts. In fact, they are packed with Flavanoids and Polyphenols which have anti cancer, anti ageing properties. These are naturally occurring plant pigments acts as antioxidants. They give vibrant colors, astringent flavors and aroma. It helps to fight free radicals. And have anti inflammatory properties. Antioxidants protect against cognitive disorders and may even reverse the ageing signs. If you buy grapes there are more reason that you choose a seeded variety.


The Proanthocyanidins in grape seeds helps improve blood circulation. However, if u take certain blood thinning medication like aspirin avoid grape seeds. Also it is not advisable to take it when you have fever medications as it will impact of medicine. Grape seeds lower the level of fat absorption in the body. It speeds up the metabolism and helps digestion of fat. The high amount of Flavanoids found in grape seed helps to lower cholesterol levels. It maintains good balance between HDL and LDL cholesterol. This again helps to reduce the risk of heart and coronary diseases by not letting the fast molecules build around the walls of arteries and blood vessels.


With numerous amounts of Polyphenols and Anti-oxidants, grape seeds are excellent treat for your skin. It helps in rejuvenating the skin and helps to clear the dead skin cells.


The Oligometric Procyanidins found in grape seeds protect the blood vessels and arteries, by that maintains the ideal blood pressure. It stimulates the activity of Vitamin C in body and improves collagen production and rebuilds damaged vessels quickly.


Regular intake of grape seed increase the level of antioxidants in body which in turn will help the body organs to stay rejuvenated. IMPROVE IMMUNITY

The Flavanoids contain Vitamin E, It works with Vitamin C which is present in the body and helps boost the immune system.  The antioxidants present in the grape seed contains more potent antioxidants. They protect the body from harmful bacteria and virus.


A study conducted on the effects of calcium and Proanthocyanidins on the bone structure, proves that it has positive effect on bone formation. Grape seed extract taken with calcium improves your bone health and increases bone strength.


Studies have found that Grape seed extract with high content of polymeric Flavan-3-oils is effective on controlling and inhibiting the excess growth of this fungus.


Grape seed contains Proanthocyanidins which prevents the development of cancer. It slows the formation of skin tumor and inhibits the development of new tumors. It helps reduce Cytokine activity as it reduces stress and protects immune system from damages. It removes free radicals from the body and increases fresh cell production. It helps alter estrogen levels in the body and by which it reduces the risk of getting breast cancer.