In today’s day and age it is really hard to stay away from sugar. The average person consumes around 300 calories from added sugar every day. We get this  from cakes, candy, soda and even other processed foods like salad dressing, pasta and even yogurt.
We live in the age of processed foods, so we should all try harder to keep these empty calories away from our diet. We should try to get our recommended daily intake of 6 Tablespoons of sugar from natural sources like fruits and the like.

If you stop eating processed added sugar you are likely to experience the following:

1)    You enjoy reduced acne

Sugar is a major contributor to triggering acne in grownups. Cut down that sugar and you can bid farewell to your concealer.

No sugar

2)    Your heart becomes happy and jumps with no strain

It raises insulin levels that in turn increase heart rate and blood pressure.
When you cut out the sugar your cholesterol levels drop and your blood pressure also will stabilize to better levels.

good heart with no sugar

3)    You reduce chances of developing diabetes

When you eat sugary and fatty foods you risk the deposit of this fat around your liver that contribute to your insulin resistance and undermine the work done by pancreas.

4)    Your smile easily

Research has proved that women who are on a diet rich in sugars experience more anxiety, mood swings and irritability.

smiling woman

5)    Your bedtime routine gets better

The consumption of sugar makes you more sluggish and prone to taking mid-day naps all the time. Give up sugar and you’ll be more alert during the day and all set to sleep in the night.

Mid day sleep

6)    Your brain will be sharper

Sugar is responsible for fogging your brain. Eating too much of sugar in the long run will slow down the communication among your brains cells. Cut the sugar and you can be confident about being sharper.
sharper brain
7)    You will finally lose weight

Sugar packs in a lot of empty calories. You land up eating a lot of unhealthy options that add to the fat levels in your body. Opt for healthy food options.

There is no harm in trying. Give up added sugars and take this positive step to a healthy body.

weight loss