Appendicitis is a condition in which the appendix becomes infected and inflated. Appendix is nothing but a sac-like extension from the colon and the situation instantly worsens when it becomes swollen due to the accumulation of bacteria or stool. When appendicitis is left untreated, there are chances it may burst and spread the infection to the other organs.

Symptoms of appendix

• Intense abdominal pain
• Vomit
• Diarrhea

How to remove an appendix

Appendix is usually present to offer immunity to your body in the occurrence of certain diseases. But, when it is found infected, the only treatment is to remove it completely. Your body can function absolutely normal without the presence of an appendix.
With today’s medical advancements, doctors suggest laparoscopy to surgically remove the appendix called appendectomy. With this type of surgery, there is less bleeding, and fast recovery as it typically involves only 2 or 3 holes and no abdominal incisions. But, this again depends on how bad your appendicitis is. In case, the situation cannot be resolved through laparoscopic procedures, then doctors recommend for an open surgery in the abdomen. Along with blood loss, this will need up to a week’s stay in the hospital for recovery.

Appendicitis during pregnancy

It is rather a difficult situation when you happen to have appendix during pregnancy. Along with all the trauma that you face during the maternity period, an inflamed appendix could make things worse. But, there are surgeries or procedures to remove the appendix without harming the fetus. But, it is essential that you are careful about the medicines or pain killers you take as it might have a serious effect on the fetus.


Recovery from appendix is usually fast. It usually takes a day or two of hospital stay and rest up to a week to recover from the surgery. Apart from that there are no dietary restrictions once you are back to normal.