Any breast-related symptoms can cause anxiety in women. It makes them worry about the consequences based on their assumptions. Yet, breast itching is more common in women than you think. There are many reasons for one to develop itchy breasts. The cause of breast itching ranges from simple allergic reactions to benign tumors. Mere home remedies and lifestyle changes can treat itchy breasts.  But the itchy breast is persistent in some cases. Don’t hesitate to visit the doctor to diagnose the underlying disease. It is better to treat with medication in such instances.

Bra Can Cause Itchy Breasts?


Yes! In certain conditions. 

Many women don’t wash their bras after every use. Sweat on the fabric is the place for the bacteria to accumulate and cause severe itching.  Wearing the same bra without washing can cause infection leading to itchiness. It is important to wash your sports bra after every session for the same reason. Wearing a bra that is too constricting can cause itchy breasts as it affects the blood flow. Not replacing your bras every six months can cause itching.  Also if you wear a bra made of cheap fabric you may experience itching because of the allergy factor.

Here we will discuss about itchy breasts not accompanied by rash or swelling.

Dry Skin



Your breasts can get dry due to many reasons.  If your skin is very dry it needs constant care and moisturizing.  Skin gets dry because of sunlight, poor diet, and the clothes you wear. Apart from that harmful chemicals in detergents can cause itching. Not hydrating your body by drinking water or juices can cause dryness in some women.  It is important to keep your skin moisturized to avoid itchy breasts. 


Itching due to allergic reactions is very common.  Chemicals in cosmetics and perfumes can cause localized itching. If your breasts alone are itchy it is less likely to be because of food.  Stop using creams and perfumes to check if the irritation is due to them.

Growing breasts

Growing- breasts

Women’s breasts tend to grow in many stages of their lives.  They develop during puberty. Breasts grow while becoming pregnant and during nursing. Itchy breasts are common during these periods. More blood circulation and hormones are the causes of itching during these periods.  You don’t need to bother about the symptom and it usually doesn’t need any treatment. The itchiness will disappear on its own once the hormonal period is over.

Apart from that, you might get itchy breasts if you take medications that alter your hormones.  For eg., medicines for thyroid conditions can cause itching which is harmless. 

Breast cancer or Pagets’s disease can cause itchy breasts. But these are rare conditions.  These life-threatening diseases have other symptoms. It is not good to ignore rashes, swelling and tenderness of the breasts. In that case, it is advisable to visit a doctor immediately for proper evaluation. 

Otherwise, breast itching without a rash is not an alarming condition. It may be due to allergies, dry skin and hormonal condition rather than a cancerous tumor. Yet, if the itching persists even after taking home remedies and cutting the causes of allergic reactions it’s better to book an appointment with your doctor to diagnose the condition in a clinic and get proper treatment.